Kanatal, located in Uttarakhand to the north of India is a hill station known for its beautiful scenery and adventure activities. Kanatal is a beautiful getaway that’s close to popular tourist spots like Delhi, Mussoorie and Chamba. It is a paradise for nature-lovers and photographers, as it is located at 8500 feet above the sea level. Kanatal is not only beautiful, however.

There are many wonderful sights to be seen in the hill station, including the Surkanda Devi Temple, which tells the story of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati. This beautiful attraction is worth a trek, especially in the snowy season when the hill station looks stunning in white. If you love to relax in nature and enjoy animal lovers, the Eco Park and Kodia Forest are also must-visits. There are likely to be wild boars or goral in this area. As you make your way through the town, be sure to stop at the Tehri lake to admire its beauty.

What are the top things to do in Kanatal?

Kanatal is the best place to go if you are looking for new and exciting activities. Kanatal offers a variety of exciting activities, from boating on the calm waters of Tehri Lake, surrounded by lush greenery, to New Tehri, which hosts an unforgettable jet-skiing experience. Tourists flock to this area for pleasant camping trips, star-gazing and bird watching, as well as trekking to beautiful destinations. Shivpuri is a popular spot for river rafting.

When the festival of Dussehra falls on a winter day, the magical magic of Kanatal can be seen. It is worth participating in the celebrations, and the cold weather makes for an unforgettable holiday experience.

What are the top things to do in Kanatal?

1. Trekking –

Kanatal offers many places to hike to, with each location varying in difficulty or distance. Trekkers with more experience can travel to Rani Chauri Forest or Dhanaulti, which are approximately 20 kilometers from Kanatal. However, Chamba is a favorite trekking spot. You will enjoy a thrilling 5-6km trek to Kodia Jungle between Kanatal and Chamba. The jungle trails offer breathtaking views of hills, valleys, and mountains. Kodia Jungle is also home to rare species of wildlife, wild orchids and rich vegetation. Chamba is a delight for adventure seekers, trekkers, and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

2. Valley Crossing –

Are you looking for thrills in the peaceful, small town of Kanatal You are in luck! Valley crossing is a great way to satisfy your curiosity and enjoy breathtaking views of Kanatal’s valleys and picturesque mountain ranges. The 80-foot deep valley crossing via rope requires patience and physical strength. You can do this activity if you’re not used to doing fitness training.

3. Rappelling –

Kanatal is a place that offers a lot of adventure. Rappelling is one of the most popular adventure sports in Kanatal. Rock climbing and rappelling are both enjoyable activities due to the hilly cliffs. You can choose to rappel down or climb up to the top for energy-boosting fun. You can make it more fun by inviting your siblings or friends to challenge you to see who can descend faster!

4. Jungle Safari –

Kanatal’s Kodia Forest is a stunning spot for sightseeing, especially when it’s done in a jungle safari. There are many rich fauna and flora, as well as lush greenery in the forest. As you travel through dense forest, you will see many species of birds. You may also be lucky enough to spot barking deer, wild boar and musk deer. Kodia Forest is a paradise for both photographers and animal lovers.

What are some of the best places to visit in Kanatal?

1. Kodia Forest –

Look no further if you are travelling to Kanatal with family or friends and want to find a great spot for picnicking. Kodia Forest is not only a popular spot for trekking and safari, but also a wonderful place to relax. It is a beautiful place with lush greenery, mountains beyond, and deep valleys. Natural springs gurgle through the dense jungle as you travel to your destination. You will be greeted by wild animals and brightly colored birds as you enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

2. Tehri Lake

Tehri Lake, at 1700m elevation, is a stunning sight to see. The artificial dam reservoir was built to divert water from Bhagirathi to the reservoir. It quickly became a popular boating destination for both locals and tourists. The tranquility of the lake and the backdrop of majestic mountains make it feel like you are in the lap nature.

3. New Tehri

New Tehri is Uttarakhand’s only planned city. It was built in the midst of Kanatal. New Tehri, which is home to the Tehri dam and Tehri lake, which are formed from the confluences of the Bhagirathi-Bhilangana rivers. It’s a wonderful place to visit. It is the only place in Kanatal that offers a wide range of watersports, including jet skiing. This is a rare find in Uttarakhand. New Tehri has many beautiful temples and scenic vistas that offer watersports.

4. Surkanda Devi Temple

The ancient Surkanda Devi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga, is one of Kanatal’s most iconic sights. According to legend, Lord Shiva carried the goddess’ corpse back to Kailash after she died. The temple was then built. The temple was named Sirkandha after this incident, and later became known as Surkanda. This temple is visited by pilgrims from all over the country, especially during Ganga Dushraka and Navratri. They are amazed at the variety of colours and lights. This holy spot is surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of the Himalayas.

5. Dhanaulti –

Dhanaulti, also known as the Icy Heaven is popular for weekend getaways, especially in winter. This tranquil hill station, at more than 2200m above sea level, is well-known for its serene sceneries and breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Tourists love to stop by Dhanaulti, as it is close to popular tourist destinations such as Mussoorie and Chamba. The snow-laden roads, lined with oak, deodar, rhododendron and other trees, are magical in winter.

6. Eco Park –

Eco Park, which covers 13 hectares and is located at 7800m above sea level, is one of Dhanaulti’s most popular tourist attractions. The park is surrounded by oak and deodar trees. It has a large playground that keeps children entertained for hours while adults can relax on the cool green grasses. The Eco Park’s sapling planting tradition adds beauty and personal touches to its beautiful surroundings. Visitors can plant a sapling to honor a loved one.

When is the best time for Kanatal to be visited?

Kanatal is a wonderful holiday spot that can be enjoyed all year, but it’s best to visit in the summer (April to June) or winter (October to March).

When is the best time for Kanatal to be visited?

Kanatal’s summers are hot with temperatures between 25degC and 38degC. However, it is not too humid. The town is a hill station so even in summers it experiences cool, moist wind making the heat bearable. The best time to explore Kanatal’s natural beauty is in the summer.

Kanatal’s winters are very cold and snowy, which makes it a wonderful holiday destination! There are many festivals that are celebrated in winter, but the most popular is Dussehra, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The temperatures can drop to -1degC, and the town is covered in snow, which means that they may reach 15 degrees Celsius.

The Monsoons are the worst season to visit Kanatal. You may have to cancel your plans because of the heavy downpours that occur between July and August. Visibility is poor and visibility is poor. If you want to see lush greenery and take in some refreshing showers, September is the best time to visit Kanatal.

Is there snow in Kanatal?

Is there snow in Kanatal?

Yes, Kanatal experiences snowfall. Especially between December and the first half January. It is hidden beneath a thin layer of snow and is not too heavy to spoil your trip. You can also head to Surkanda Devi Temple if the main town doesn’t have snowfall. There you will find plenty of snow en route to your destination.

How far is Kanatal away from Delhi?

Kanatal lies approximately 315kms north of Delhi. Without a stop, the journey by car takes approximately 8 hours. The flight takes only 45 minutes to an one hour.

How do you reach Kanatal?

– By Air

The closest airport to Kanatal is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, which is located 32kms from Kanatal. It is easily accessible from many major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. You can hire a taxi outside the airport to reach your destination.

– By Rail:

Two railway stations are located close to Kanatal: Rishikesh, which is 75kms away, or Dehradun (85 kms). You can either book a taxi at the station or take the bus to Kanatal in 3-4 hours.

– By Road

Kanatal has a well-maintained road network that is connected to major cities and towns. You can reach Kanatal by either private or state-owned buses. Both buses are frequent and both offer the option of traveling to less well-known locations. To drive from Rishikesh to Chamba, Mussoorie, Dehradun and Chamba you can book a taxi or private car.

What is Kanatal most famous for?

Kanatal is known for many things. Some of them are the picturesque valleys and views of the Himalayas. Tourists come from far and near to enjoy the eco-parks and forests, as well as historic Hindu temples, lakes, and dams. Kanatal is known for its many outdoor activities, including camping and jet-skiing. It is also a popular getaway destination because of its winter wonderland.

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