The Jogini Waterfall is located in the village of Vashisht in Manali and got its name from the village goddess Joggingini. This is a 160-foot-long cascade that descends from the mountains to the Beas River in Kullu Valley. There is something special about this waterfall that captures the hearts and minds of those who visit it.

Despite the obvious natural beauty of the waterfall, it is of religious importance. The temple of village goddess Jogini Mata is located at the foot of the waterfalls. The Vashisht, the Jogini fall goddess, is said to be in the water of the fall.

Many people visit this waterfall in Manali because it is accessible from the villages of Vashisht and Bashisht, 4 km from New Manali. Manali is 533 km from Delhi and 302 km from Chandigarh. If you start your hike from Vashisht, it will be much shorter, about 3 kilometers each way (a total of 6 kilometers). In Manali, you have to hike 4 kilometers to get from the two villages to the starting point of the waterfall path. If you want to save energy, you can go to the Vashisht temple by car or rickshaw.

Jogini Waterfall And Vashist Temple

This is a beautiful and gentle hike that can be done in about 3 hours to the Vashisht Temple. The whole trekking route is scenic with beautiful villages lined up in the vast valley. It is one of the best short walks in Manali to enjoy the scenic beauty and village life in the Himalayas. As you walk towards the waterfall, you will feel the cool spray of water on your face. The water flow is so full during the rainy season that it is advisable not to jump in during this time. Walk through apple orchards, towering pine trees, and small streams to the Vashisht Temple to reach your destination. Listen to the chirping of birds and the music of the wind during the hike. Walk another 15 minutes until you reach the top of the waterfall.

If you do not want to hike, take a dip in the pool and marvel at the splendor of the Jogini waterfall and the surrounding nature, which will give you immense pleasure. Continue your hike and enjoy the surrounding views of the beautiful forest while planning a picnic for you and your friends or family in the woods.

How to Reach

If you follow the route to the Jogini Waterfall (also known as the Jugni Waterfall) and get to Old Manali (800 meters from Hadimba Temple in Manali), there are two ways to get to the waterfall: Drive to Vashisht Temple and walk to the temple by car or drive 2.5 km on Leh Manali Highway or quickly turn right in the village area.

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