When it comes to streaming services, Hotstar is the most popular option. With the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019, Disney now owns Star India, which also operates Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. In April of this year, Hotstar and Disney+ were merged into one streaming service. The new service included Disney+ original programming, films and television shows from the two companies’ content brands, and a range of third-party content.

The arrangement between two services

The two streaming services were not the same until recently when Disney bought Hotstar from 21st Century Fox. Originally, Hotstar was targeted to overseas Indians and then merged with Disney, which acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019. The merger has been a mixed blessing for Disney’s streaming bundle. Hotstar accounted for more than 40 percent of its total audience in the last quarter. Hotstar was the most popular new addition to the Disney+ streaming service as of March. Read more about MovieBox Pro Apk.

The subscription costs for Hotstar start at Rs499 ($7) and go up to Rs1,499 ($20). These are yearly prices, which are substantially less than Disney’s $80 annual price for Disney+. Furthermore, Hotstar features Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and English content. However, the content is not available in English. To watch movies and TV shows in those languages, you will need to pay a premium membership.

Content Policy

While Hotstar may not have all content, it does offer the widest selection of content in India. It has a massive catalog of television shows and movies from central Hollywood and Asian productions. Additionally, Hotstar also has access to local news, regional and national sports, and even the latest American television shows. Despite the similarities, Hotstar is not as exclusive as Disney+, so if you are a fan of the two, you’ll want to pay for the service to access all of its content.

Hotstar in India

While Hotstar is available in many countries, it is more exclusive to India. For Indian audiences, it’s the best choice for streaming. Whether you prefer Disney+ or want to watch a movie, you can find it on Hotstar. Similarly, Hotstar has a vast library of international films. A subscription will provide access to all of its content. It will also give you the ability to search for TV series and movies without paying extra money.

Disney+ App Access

While the mobile app of Disney+ is more accessible to the US market, it is different in some ways. The US version will only support one mobile device. It is not available in India. For those in other countries, both services are free. The US versions of the streaming service are similar. Moreover, the new service is better optimized for Indian TV. If you are in the market for a subscription to Disney+, you can save up to 50% on the price.

Hotstar availability

Hotstar is available in some countries but not in the USA in UK. Hotstar can be accessed from, and Disney+ can be accessed from However, the US version of Hotstar has a smaller library and is not free. Both have similar features and pricing plans, but the difference is the cost. While both services offer unlimited access to movies, Disney+ is the better option for Indian viewers. There are many differences between the two Hotstar & Disney Plus services. If you want to watch movies on a large screen, Hotstar is the way to go.

The US version of Hotstar is the same as Disney+. While the same company owns both services, Hotstar offers tailored content to Indian audiences. Besides South Asian movies, it also features a diverse range of TV shows. For those who don’t speak Hindi, Hotstar offers content in English. But the US version of Hotstar has more movies than other versions. Among the benefits of this new version are its international coverage and various languages.


Both services are available in the USA, Canada, and the UK and are not free. It is possible to watch Hotstar in the US for free. The US version does not offer free content, but the US version has a smaller library and fewer features. While both services are good, Hotstar is the better option if you’re looking for a streaming service. In addition to the US, it is available for iOS devices.

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