If you are looking for video editing tools, there is no shortage of choices on the Internet. But have you checked out Veed yet? These days, online content creation is very in-demand, so Veed provides you with all the editing tools you need for your videos. How can Veed be used to record and edit high-quality videos?

As our lives move online, things like Zoom calls, Google Meet, and FaceTime have become part of our daily routines. Nowadays, all types of businesses, schools, and even filming projects are utilizing digital tools and gadgets. You have so many tools at your disposal to showcase your ideas publicly on social media platforms, which makes it super easy to promote your ideas publicly.

How To Record and Edit High-Quality Videos On Veed?

Whether you’re recording a Zoom meeting or creating a video from an e-learning platform, you’ll find Veed to be the best video editor. Here’s a guide to making videos.

How To Record and Edit High-Quality Videos on Veed?

How To Record Zoom conference call videos on Veed?

Zoom videos are easy to record. These steps will help you record and download your videos.

1. Look for the “record” option on the bottom right of the screen while on a zoom call. Using this option, you can record any zoom call or meeting.

2. Simply click the record button. The recording is now underway. Assume you are sharing your screen in a Zoom meeting. When you press the record button, all of your screen activity will be recorded.

3. After the meeting ends or when you end the Zoom call yourself, a pop-up window will appear on your screen indicating that “you have a recording that must be converted before viewing.” Clicking the “stop converting” button will stop the conversion.

4. It will save your video to your computer like this. You can select between three different file formats:

· In the .m4a format, only the Zoom audio is saved.

· Videos are saved as .m3u files.

· Video is typically saved as a .mp4 file.

How To Edit a Video on Veed?

Regardless of the platform you used to record your video, a few modifications are needed before it is made public. There are a lot of things you need to do, such as trimming the extra part, adding text to the video, changing the effects, etc. To edit a video on Veed, follow these steps.

How to trim your Zoom Video on Veed?

1. First, you need to upload the video to Veed’s online video editor. Visit veed.io and create a new project. Upload the desired video to this new project.

2. Editing comes next in which you get to trim the video. Click on the Trim button next to the timeline at the bottom of your screen.

3. By clicking the Trim button, you can start trimming the video from any part, such as the beginning, middle, or end.

4. Then cut the rest of the video by dragging the cursor to the relevant section of the video. When you’re finished, save the file.

How To Add Subtitles To Zoom Video?

There is no question that Zoom calls don’t always guarantee optimal audio and video quality. It is therefore important to add subtitles to recorded Zoom videos. Subtitles make your content more appealing and let people enjoy the video even with their sounds turned off if they haven’t heard the audio.

Veed lets you add subtitles simply and quickly. Here’s how it works:

1. Click on “Subtitles” in the toolbar at the top left. Click Auto Subtitle.

2. Veed will convert the video’s audio into subtitles automatically. Processing may take some time.

3. Because Veed uses an automatic transcription method, there may be some errors in the transcribed subtitles. We suggest checking the lines and making any corrections if necessary.

4. You can style your subtitles by changing font sizes, colors, and positions.

How To Add Logo To Your Zoom Video on Veed?

Watermarks and logos are a great way to keep your content piracy-free. The built-in tools in Veed allow you to create visually striking logos and watermarks for your videos.

1. At the top left corner of Veed, you will see a toolbar. On that toolbar, click on “Image.”. Next, click on “Add Image.”.

2. Thereafter, you can select/choose your desired logo or image for your video and place it wherever you like.

3. The size of your image can be adjusted to fit your needs. It is even possible to customize how long the image will display.

Add Background Music to your Zoom Video with Veed!

While you’re taking the time to make your recorded video the best it can be, you might also consider adding some background music to make it more professional.

1. Click on the “Audio” button in the toolbar. Choose Add Audio.

2. Now you can add any desired music to your project. Make sure to adjust the volume and duration carefully.

Save the Changes and Download the Final Zoom Video!

Good job! You’re done editing. Subtitles, sound, images, and the unnecessary part have all been added, and now it’s time to save the final version.

Once you’ve finished editing your video, you can download it by clicking the “download” button at the right bottom corner of Veed.

With Veed, you can edit all your videos and save them as .mp4 files.

To Conclude:

Veed is one of the best online video editing tools available on the internet. Video professionals have even used Veed to modify their videos. Before using a tool, it’s a good idea to read reviews about it.

Here are the steps we took to record and edit high-quality videos with Veed. Furthermore, we learned how to trim our video, add subtitles, images, and background music. We hope this was helpful. We will continue to post updates on technology.

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