Are you finding your PS4 dirty looking or the fans turning more loudly? How do you clean your PS4? because it could be covered in dust. If you own a PlayStation 4, you already noticed that the sound has become louder.

How to Clean PS4

This means that the fan is running too fast This means that the PS4 is probably getting hot. It could damage your hardware as a PS4 owner I’ve used the two-time services. My warranty has expired, which is the reason I clean it up myself. Here, we’re going to offer you an effective solution. For more information on how to clean ps4 go through the entire article.

We do not recommend users attempt this at home. If you do not have technical skills, you do not have to perform this task at your home. I’ve seen it numerous times the service provider was cleaning my device. This is the reason I did it at home. If you plan to perform the task at home, take the risk.

If you want to keep your PS4 functioning at its highest performance, it’s essential to keep it clean every so often. Here’s a guide on how to clean PS4 efficiently, safely, and effectively. Let’s look at how to clean PS4-

Essential Tool :

  • Dry, clean microfiber cloth
  • Screwdriver T9
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Can be compressed air
  • Cotton swabs

Want to know how to clean PS4 console?

  • If you’re armed with the necessary technical skills, then you can complete this with ease. Check that you are sure that your warranty terms have finished. Before you start to clean PS4 ensure that the console is shut off. Unplug all cables and cords from the ps4 (power cord, HDMI cord, USB devices).
  • *If you notice an orange light, it’s likely to be in the Rest Mode (Shut it completely down).
  • Then, blow the dust from the unit using pressurized air and then clean the exterior using a clean microfiber cloth.
  • There will be the three labels together with the “top”. If the warranty period is removed, remove the labels on the back, and take off all screws with a Screwdriver T9. Make sure not to degrade the screws, and then set your screws in a secure area.
  • After removing screws completely, take off the case and blow the dust from the open interior by with brief bursts.
  • Then, hold the power supply and gently lift it and place it on the floor Be sure to not cut it from the cord for power.
  • The fan should be stopped by moving it with the cloth across its blades. Next, move your compressed air so that it blows dust through into the air and off of the fans with brief bursts to accomplish it.
  • Then, replace it with a power source, the screws in the case, and its screws.
  • Check that all screws and parts are in place. It’s now ready for use. You can play your most loved games with no noise.

How do I get rid of PS4 loud fan?

If you’re a PS4 player or a fan I’m sure you’ve heard that two or three years later, the PS4 fan gets very loud. This isn’t a great signal for any user or gamer. If you purchased a PlayStation 4 during its warranty time, you will be able to easily repair it. If your warranty is over, then you’ll need to hire someone with expertise in the product. However, if you’ve got some technical expertise, it could be an easy job for you.

It is unnecessary to do this within the 1-year warranty timeframe. After you have taken those stickers off, you’ve ended the warranty. This is why I’m doing it because I’ve been using it for four years. Then it’s no longer covered by warranty, therefore I’m not worried.

  • Unplug your PS4
  • Take them off and place them in a safe location.
  • Turn the PS4 upside down and take off the plastic cover that covers the bottom.
  • You can now easily tilt it upwards from behind, and then slide it slightly forward to get free of wires and sharp edges on the front.
  • Here you can observe the fan, and hitting it from all angles with canned air.
  • Make sure you clean off the grills on the right and left side of your console too.
  • You can also check out some videos on how to clean PS4.

If you’ve got one question regarding how to clean your PlayStation 4? I’m sure you’re aware of what you can do on how clean your PS4 effortlessly. You could also clean more deeply into your system; it would involve certain potentially dangerous operations. You should be careful not to damage the system and keep to the basic cleaning.

I suggest you place caps from plastic bottles or folded sheets of paper on each of the corners of your PS4. These tips will help you increase the speed of working and will assist in regulating airflow.

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