Fulfillment Company

Customer satisfaction should be one of the highest priorities of your business. Satisfied customers are more likely to feel loyalty to your company, giving you a competitive advantage. One way to meet (and even exceed) your customer needs and expectations is by ensuring successful order fulfillment.

Order fulfillment helps customers get their orders in the right place and at the right time. The process includes various steps like:

  • Receiving the ordered goods
  • Order packing
  • Order picking
  • Order shipping

When you successfully fulfill your orders, you can avoid extreme operational and shipping expenses and save significant funds. Also, when your order fulfillment is smooth and efficient you are better able to reach many global customers. So how can you achieve that smooth and efficient order fulfillment? Hiring a reputable fulfillment company can help you make the most of the order process

If you’re looking for such a company but don’t know where to start, consider the following parameters.


Order fulfillment is especially crucial for e-commerce businesses. The fulfillment company you choose should have the right automated systems to provide accurate and efficient processing of data. Automation can enable the company to avoid unnecessary delays in sending purchased orders. The right software also helps eliminate errors in the orders sent to the customers, which contributes to customer satisfaction.

One of the software features to consider is the inventory management solution. The feature ensures real-time updating of the processed orders. Inventory management and control can also enable you to track, allocate, and forecast stock levels accurately.

It’s extremely helpful and improves functionality when the software is easily absorbed into your current processing technologies. The software should be compatible with other systems like:

  • Point-of-sale (POS) software
  • Shipping software
  • eCommerce systems like Shopify
  • Accounting software

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Other features the software should have include:

  • Order management system
  • Notification features. The features can help you know when you’re out of stock or inventory levels are low.
  • Warehouse management system

Such features enable the fulfillment software to streamline the entire process. The features make software work well for the growth of the business.


Outsourcing services involves some upfront fees. Determining the pricing can help you create a reasonable budget, which can save your business from spending more than necessary.

Compare the pricing of specific rates charged by several companies. This can help you find the provider with the most suitable deals. Common rates include:

  • Setup charges
  • Order receiving and processing fees
  • Shipping fees
  • Warehouse/storage fees
  • Order delivery fees

Different companies offer competitive pricing. Choose a company that fits the budget of your business.

Warehouse Location

The efficiency of a supply chain has a lot to do with the company’s warehouse location. An inconveniently located warehouse can limit the shipping speeds. The results to expect include delays in order delivery and additional logistics expenses.

The company/center you choose to fulfill your orders should be near the customers so that shipping timelines and related expenses are reduced. Ideally, you should find a company with many warehouses located in different places to increase accessibility at all your locations.

Schedule an appointment with the company to find information on the location of its warehouses. Do not choose a center whose warehouses are not near your customers.


Transparency is a good sign that the fulfillment company you choose is credible. 

One way to know that the company is transparent is through the software they use. The software should allow your customers to log in and track their orders. You should also be able to keep track of the parcels you send to your customers.

A company that helps you fulfill your promises to the customers can help you gain more customers. Customer retention also increases, giving you a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Choose the Right Fulfillment Company

Consumers are willing to pay for good customer service and fulfillment. When your order fulfillment is fast, easy to follow, error-free, and reliable, your customers will feel more inclined to return to you for further business!A good fulfillment company can be the means of high customer satisfaction, which guarantees a boost to your business’ growth. They can also guarantee faster shipping speeds, packaging, and other related activities, enabling you to pay attention to other crucial business activities. Hire the right fulfillment company for your needs and enjoy the benefits, today!

By Manali