Fashion Nova is of course well known for its clubwear, sexy, revealing dresses, jeans and activewear.

The super popular brand has smashed barriers down for curvy women who want to look hot and on-trend with the sort of head-turning outfits made popular by a multitude of celebrities.

These are garments that go viral and that’s not easy to do in today’s market, but it’s their bridal collection that’s making waves at the moment.

Fashion Nova was founded in 2006 and has exploded in recent years.

The company is privately owned and operated by CEO Richard Saghian.

When Saghian noticed there was a distinct lack of beautiful clothing for women who weren’t built like catwalk models but instead were the proud owners of curvy hourglass figures and larger frames,  he knew he had cornered a neglected piece of the market.

The first Fashion Nova store was in Panorama City and now there are 5 stores in Southern California.

The online following which Fashion Nova enjoys is enormous and it’s not just clubwear and jeans getting shown off either! As more and more women refuse to subscribe to the idea that wedding gowns need to be astronomically priced, they’re turning to Fashion Nova for gowns that not only suit who they are as a person but which make a real impression and can sometimes be used again for special occasions.

Winter is traditionally the time when brides in the making are busy planning their spring and summer weddings.

So for the bride on a budget who wants to make a serious impression in a beautiful gown, Fashion Nova has all the boxes ticked.

Why the traditional bridal industry is a rip-off

Traditionally, brides visit a specialist store for a gown. Many extremely expensive gowns are tried on straight off-the-peg and eventually, when one is chosen, it has to be made to measure or altered – at great expense to fit.

Costs can run into the many thousands of dollars – brides are paying a tonne up front for the privilege of wearing a gown for a few hours…it’s just not cutting it with many brides today.

The problem is that many brides want to keep some of their hard-earned budget to have a good time and when it’s a choice between more guests and a two thousand dollar dress, most would choose the guests.

That’s where Fashion Nova has stepped in.

Why Fashion Nova’s bridal collection makes sense for some brides

Fashion Nova’s collection of stunning bridal wear and accessories is flying off the racks and for good reason.

Whether you’re keen to be a classic, storybook princess style bride in their best-selling off-the-shoulder-maxi wedding dress, or a sexy, powerful pantsuit bride in their classic take on a wedding suit, they’ve got it – and it’s all affordable.

Fashion Nova first grabbed the attention of brides-to-be on a budget with their lightning fast response to Meghan Markle’s second wedding gown. This was her more relaxed gown and the one she wore to the reception of her wedding to Prince Harry.

This was back in 2018 but savvy brides are still snapping up Fashion Nova’s version which is called The Royal Debut and is an off-white, fully lined and floor length halter neck gown with a zipper.

Fashion Nova’s bridal accessories are up there with the best

The bridal collection is so well curated that it’s almost certain that bride’s purchasing their gown on Fashion Nova will also zone in on their bridal jewellery, lingerie and shoes.

From simple, elegant rhinestone chokers designed to draw the eye to all the right places, to beautiful nude Lucite wedge heels which would set off any gown without pulling focus, there’s a wealth of gorgeous accessories on offer.

Fashion Nova offers a one-stop-shop for brides looking for a drop dead gorgeous dress without the hours of stress spent in a bridal shop fitting room.

The changing world of weddings

COVID-19 certainly put the kibosh on the wedding plans of many people. Not only were public gatherings forbidden for many but the idea of going out to the high street and actually shopping for a wedding dress in person was suddenly way out of reach.

That didn’t stop brides from shopping online though – and they did – with Fashion Nova.

Whilst many weddings were temporarily shelved, that didn’t mean planning couldn’t happen!

Brides-to-be can shop for a stunning wedding dress from the comfort and safety of their own homes and then try things on in a relaxed state. Who wants to stand in a hot and stuffy changing room whilst your female relatives wait outside with a pushy salesperson?

As COVID-19 restrictions have eased off, you might imagine that things would go back to normal – not so.

Even when public gatherings were once again allowed in some areas, many people had changed their priorities, realizing that what actually matters about the big day isn’t how many $ you dropped on a gown but who was able to attend and how pretty your gown was.

And we all know that pretty doesn’t always mean expensive!

Fashion Nova have got it right in terms of the design, the quality and the price of their wedding gowns.

Well-made, super-hot wedding dresses that would fulfil the dreams of any bride to be are where it’s at when you shop at Fashion Nova.

As the world slowly begins to reopen and work as normal once more, many weddings will go ahead after being rescheduled – the question is, even if the wedding stores on the high street and in malls reopen, will the customers be prepared to turn up and drop thousands on a gown when Fashion Nova means they don’t have to?

It seems unlikely; there’ll always be people willing to spend big when it comes to their wedding gown – but the fact is that these days – there’s simply no need!

By Manali