Brazilians are outraged at the asphyxiation death video that two Brazilian Federal Highway Police officers showed Genivaldo de Jesus Santos (38). You can hear the man screaming and his legs sticking out from the SUV.

These images created chaos online. On Wednesday, hundreds of protestors gathered in Umbauba to torch tires and block a road.

Tweet video showing a man saying, “The population is outraged!” Another man speaks through loudspeakers to the crowd.

Federal Highway Police said that the man was aggressive. To contain him, they used less of an offensive instrument.

According reports, Santos fell ill while being taken by officers into a precinct. He was later confirmed dead when he was taken in to the hospital.

Sergipe’s forensic institute had George Fernandes as its spokesperson. According to Fernandes, the preliminary autopsy showed that the man died of respiratory failure due to “mechanical asphyxia”.

FANF1’s nephew Alisson de Jesus told FANF1 that Santos saw police stop his uncle. He also said that he was carrying prescriptions and medication. This indicates that Santos had mental health problems before the officers started what his nephew called “a torture session.” ” “

He replied, “They took me uncle and put him into the car. They used a gas bomb on him to seal the trunk. De Jesus said that his uncle had been shoved and hit by officers before being placed in the back of their SUV.

Renata Suza, a local politician, human rights activist and human rights activist, tweeted that officers had made the car into gas chambers, executed a mentally ill man, and turned it into a prison cell.

For Brazilian society, the shock at an institution’s failure to follow basic procedures was shocking.

Jair Bolsonaro was the President of Federal Highway Police and stated that he would seek information from them regarding what had occurred. Two weeks ago, a man killed and shot two highway officers who were on duty.

An investigation by the Federal Police was initiated. The Federal Police must have a detailed and complete report within 10 days.

This comes just days after 20 people died in a road accident in Rio de Janeiro. Local media have published accounts disputing police claims that they had to resort to lethal force due to their circumstances.

“A New Normal?” The study’s title is “A New Normal?” Carlos Jalali, Nuno Monteiro, are the principals. They intend to record and learn from the Covid-19 pandemic in order to be better prepared for future crises.

This fifth section, “Democracy in a Pandemic: Impact on Portugal’s Political System by Covid-19 Pandemic”, focuses on the “declination of satisfaction in democracy s functioning throughout the pandemic.

Only three nations (Malta Slovenia and Austria) experience a decline that is comparable or greater than the Portugal study.

According to the study, people didn’t feel the effects of the pandemic. Portugal is a country with a high level of support for democracy (well above 90%).

Rely on the government

Concerning trust in government there was “only an slight decline during pandemic (2021-2021),” this contrasts with “the trend observed in most European countries”, which saw trust grow.

The pandemic experience prompted substantial support for a “Government of Experts”. These types of executives received support from 59% and 69% respectively in 2017.

In 2021, the probability of a strong leader leading an administration fell to 50% from 42% in last year and to 50% again by 2021.

It discovered that populist and Eurosceptic tendencies are often amplified in times of crisis.

As democratic countries have been experiencing turmoil in recent years, the future of liberal democracy may be at risk. While established democracies face challenges, newer democracies have trouble.

Freedom House and the Economist Intelligence Unit documented these trends. Pew Research Center applied a comparative lens that spanned national borders to study global attitudes toward political representation.

Four key insights have been gleaned from international surveys regarding citizens’ opinions on democracy governance. People desire more control over politics, policymaking and government.

Many people believe that democracy is not delivering.
Partly, the current anxiety about liberal democracy stems from dissatisfaction regarding the functioning and functioning democratic societies.

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