You usually find out if the dogs are happy when they wag their tails. Wagging means they are playful or they are thrilled. Play is one of the best methods for animals to tell if they are happy or not. Happy animals jump in the air or wag their tails playfully. If dogs dig holes, you will know they are so glad too. They show their happiness in so many ways. It’s not just always the wagging part.

Further, it would help if you saw what makes them excited. It would help if you were good friends with your dogs. Please give them the freedom to choose whatever they like. Then they will be more attracted to you and trust you better.

What are the Reasons Behind Dogs Wagging Their Tails?

Tail wagging shows various emotions. You should be able to read them properly. Right from happiness to excitement and nervousness, you will see it all. Dogs are not born with the power of understanding; they learn it from humans. Puppies normally wag their tails to communicate with their mothers.

Wagging the tail for the puppies starts with basic survival skills. But when the dogs are mentally exhausted, the tails will be in the resting position. The positions can vary from breed to breed. Then, with the emotions coming up, the wagging also starts.

What Do Dogs Communicate With Wagging?

Dogs can’t speak verbally, so they use wagging as the primary way of connecting with humans. Further, they communicate their thoughts through their body language. Body languages are constantly simpler to understand if you pay little attention. Dogs can shift their eyes or even wag their tails when they try to say something. The vision is generally attuned right to the movements.

There are different types of tail wagging. Buy a Petstop dog fence first to put them inside the wall. Then try learning through their body language. Some tails are exceptionally light, while some are pretty bushy.

Messages Dogs Show While They Wag Their Tails

1.            They Try to Negotiate With You

If the dogs are wagging their tails and stop suddenly, know that they are trying to negotiate something with you. They don’t want to be aggressive, but they want to convey their words. This behavior is primarily near strangers.

2.            Showing Signs of Curiosity

Dogs also wag their tails because of curiosity. If they hold their tails and wag horizontally, the dogs are curious. But, again, it may be because of a person or even any situation.

3.            Becoming Submissive

When the dogs lower their tails from the neutral position, they want to get the submission signal. They might tuck their tails in between their legs. This means that the dogs are feeling scared.

Dogs show friendliness and excitement when they wagtail with shaved alpaca. They also show happiness by circling their owners. Also, dogs need bully rubs when they are happy.


It’s up to the emotions of dogs and how they express them. Sometimes wagging means that the dogs like to be petted. Dogs bring so much happiness to their lives. So, it’s the owner’s responsibility to know how they can communicate with their pets well. Keep in mind that only you can provide happiness to your pets.

By Manali