Fashion Nova and Afterpay have announced a new partnership. The announcement came in late September of 2021. With this new partnership, Fashion Nova shoppers will have access to a new flexible payment option. Shoppers will have more freedom in how they pay for purchases made in store or on the online platform.

Considering the fact that Fashion Nova and Afterpay both actively pursue younger demographics and markets, the crossover makes perfect sense. Both companies have large followings among millennials and Gen Z. In fact, Gen Z is the fastest growing group using the Afterpay service. They also represent a burgeoning demographic following Fashion Nova Styles.

Fashion Nova is making great strides by expanding payment options. The company was founded in 2006 in California. To date, five brick and mortar locations have been opened, but it was in 2013 when things really took off for the brand. That was when they launched the online platform, and it quickly rose in prominence.

Today, Fashion Nova aims to offer fashion-forward designs and styles for men and women of all sizes and tastes. They also have a kids’ line that consistently pushes the ideas of new fashion. Fashion Nova really made its name by being one of the first companies to embrace Instagram and social media marketing. As a result, their online store serves more than 25 million regular customers across multiple countries.

As for Afterpay, it was founded in 2014. The purpose of the payment platform is to offer deferred payments and payment plans for everyday purchases. Founded in Australia, Afterpay currently operates in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Shoppers can choose Afterpay as a payment option in place of a credit card, PayPal or any similar method. It works with Google Pay and Apple Pay. When shoppers select Afterpay, they defer payment over the course of six weeks. The price is split into equal payments across that time, making purchases easier to manage and more accessible.

The partnership with Fashion Nova is part of a major effort by Afterpay to expand its outreach. The company saw significant growth in 2020, expanding to serve more than 20 million users by the start of 2021. As part of the extended effort, Fashion Nova is joining more than 100,000 retailers that use Afterpay’s services for payment processing.

The joint venture promises to fulfill the goals and mission statements made by both companies. As Richard Sgahian, founder and CEO of Fashion Nova, put it, “We’ve always prided ourselves on providing consumers easy and affordable access to the trendiest styles. The partnership with Afterpay further enables our customers to buy their favorite looks in a way that is both seamless and convenient.”

Afterpay’s general manager said, “As we head into fall and the busy holiday season, it’s the perfect time to bring Fashion Nova onto the Afterpay platform as shoppers look to update their wardrobes. This partnership stems from our shared desires to cater to the very powerful Gen Z customers, who prefer to spend their money responsibly and pay over time with Afterpay.”

It is believed by both companies that the new partnership will help with customer engagement. Both businesses are built on repeat use, and both have consistently posted strong numbers in regard to brand loyalty. The directive is aimed at promoting a “highly-engaged customer base.”

Afterpay claims to generate one million merchant referrals every day across the globe. That level of referral is sure to help Fashion Nova grow their online presence and active customer base.

Time will be the final judge of this partnership, but for now, both companies and their closest followers are excited by the new opportunity.

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