A perfectly designed website can help attract more traffic, leads, and conversions. Remember that for business owners, getting more online traffic means that your sales volumes will grow. You can achieve this by hiring a seasoned website design expert to help you design an attractive and mobile-friendly website that delivers an amazing user experience. The structure of your website should be done professionally because this is among the determinants of how much engagement your website visitors will get. With the help of SEO web design Hong Kong experts, you can have a perfectly designed website layout that brings more conversions.

What is a website layout?

A website layout refers to a framework or pattern which determines the structure of a website. Its role is to make sure that the information that is presented makes sense for both the users and also for the website users. It makes available a clear path where visitors can use to navigate between web pages and puts the crucial elements of your website at the center and on the front section of the website. With the right website layout, you can define the hierarchy of your content, and depending on how you go about this, you can make your website successful or not.

Features of a good website layout design

A good web layout should ensure that visitors can be kept on the site. Whatever they are looking for should be intuitive and accessible. A perfect layout should be able to engage your visitors. Anytime your visitor gets engaged, the benefit that you get is immense. It’s also of essence that the layout design that you choose meets the best industry standards.

Best Web design Layouts that deliver proven results

Here are 5 of the best web design layouts which have been proven to deliver awesome results.

1. The Zigzag Layout

It’s been proven that when users are scanning a website page, their eyes move in a zigzag manner. This layout type applies to various kinds of websites and also works best in diverse activity areas.

2. Grid Layout

This is where you organize your information into grids, and this helps to make it easy to browse. It also makes visitors stop at their topics of interest. With grid layout, your texts, videos, and photos will be evenly distributed, and the users are left to determine which of them is more important.

3. Full-Screen Photo

This entails spreading your content to cover the entire screen of your web page.

4. One-Column Layout

This layout type organizes information into a single column, and it’s one of the simplest layouts that you can ever find out there. The visitors will find it easier to follow the texts, videos, and photos, and they don’t require to scan anything other than just to check what’s of interest to them

5. Featured Image Layout

This type of web design layout has gained prominence and it involves setting up a featured image that represents every page in the website. The purpose of the image is to help concentrate attention on a certain point of the page. The image also acts as a source of meaning for the content, which radiates from that particular focal point.

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