If you are the kind of girl who loves beauty techniques and enjoys taking care of her image, chances are that you have heard about lip blushing (also known as lip cosmetic tattoos) as one of the most popular trends lately. Lips are one of the facial features that play a huge role in your overall look, so why not make an effort in adding more shape, definition, and improving the tone and balance of their appearance? After all, people are loving the results all over the world and it is a technique that makes life more practical, as you will be able to save a lot of time when it comes to your daily makeup. 

Whether you are a young lady who prefers to get ready quickly in the mornings, a full-time business-woman with a tight schedule but likes to look always on point, or you are enjoying your golden years and wanting to improve your lips’ appearance, you can get the most out of your beauty routine by getting this amazing cosmetic treatment. If you have been thinking about the possibility of getting a lip blush but are hesitant due to the possible risks, in this article we will tell you all you need to know about each step of the process, so you can be able to make an informed decision and be happy with the outcome. 

Is a lip blushing treatment a good option?

The most important thing before deciding if a beauty procedure is good or suitable for you is the safety factor. When it comes to priorities, we should never prefer fashion over health. Let’s start by explaining that lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo technique which uses water-based ink, aided by a special makeup tattoo tool that adds light tint into your lips. People often tend to underrate what a good lip blushing procedure can do for you in terms of enhancing your beauty, since the result will look like a lip filler but more natural. 

What should I expect from a lip blushing treatment?

Just by creating a defined structure in the edge of your lips, you will immediately notice a fuller look, so this can definitely be a great option for those women who want to increase the size of their lips, with the advantage to maintain your lips free of filler substances. If you choose this option, you should keep in mind that the results are very subtle and natural when it’s done by a professional, so you can expect a thin layer of color that looks stunning and creates more balance in your lips’ shape.

How painful is a tattoo on the lips?

Different from other types of tattoos, this is a unique technique that only acts on the outermost coating of your dermis. Having that said, you should consider that if you are feeling pain, that is an indicator that the lips’ artist can be applying too much force and working on deeper layers of your skin. If you would like to have a comprehensive understanding of how this beauty treatment must be done, supported by experts, you should consider a cosmetic tattoo training, which is one of the best investments you can make as it will provide you with opinions from specialists and clarify your concerns.

By Manali