With the advancement in video game design, animation, and mechanics every passing year, more and more video games are being released every year. Developers tend to show a teaser trailer first and break more in-depth gameplay later. With so much to follow up in a growing video game industry, finding the authentic and quick source of news regarding upcoming IPs, sequels, and more is always not an easy task.

Where To Find Trusted Video Game News

While I have been following big players such as IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamer, and more for video game news content, covering a high volume of video game news posts always makes the website layout cluttered. Luckily, I have found Exputer as a decent platform that properly posts and organizes video game news content.

Regardless of the console you own, the audience will always find a wide variety of video games news content diversified from PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch to Tech-oriented PC and VR platforms at this website.

Limited-Timed Video Game News

Whether it is the Steam sales, console reveals, tech demos, or limited timed beta access for video games on PlayStation and Xbox, one must rely on a unique platform to break the news quickly. Much news content related to video game sales, limited-time beta access, and such is only valuable for a numbered days. If you, as a player, get to know about it late, then the news post losses its value. That is why players who want to remain ahead of the curve must rely on reliable ears and eyes who can cover the authentic video game news – a platform to learn the latest buzz in video game journalism firsthand.

Most of the time, I have found valuable news publications at Exputer, which range from the sales performance of Capcom games, the rise or fall of the player base in League of Legends, New World, and much more. Visiting the news section of this website has always filled my appetite for the latest buzz in the video games industry.

The Problem With Video Games New Posts

Sure, there are big players in the video game journalism industry who also are known to cover video game news. However, most publications fail to prioritize quality over quantity, authenticity over inaccuracy, and pacing over rushed content. Many emerging websites fail to hit the mark when it comes to covering video games news; as a result, they never post fleshed-out video game news content, and most news publications offer very limited information. This is one of the many core problems penetrating the video game journalism industry.

While only a handful of publications deliver a half-cooked story, this trend of rushing news content first should be discouraged in the video games journalism industry. Suppose a publication talks about EA releasing the next iteration of the FIFA game, then instead of stretching the headline into a post. In that case, the website should produce complete information such as analyzing all the facts and figures or the differences between the previous and upcoming iteration of the said game to its readers.

Graphical Information of Video Games

When a game’s release date is confirmed, the 2nd thing that gamers look for is the visuals. Playing games with low-quality visuals is not good because gamers want stunning visuals. So to find such information, you also need a source. These types of news are listed on the website’s main page.

Let’s say Santa Monica will release God of War on PC and Microsoft Windows in January. They have confirmed this release, and also the system requirements are revealed. But some extraordinary features are not found in other games. I am talking about DLSS and RTX features powered by NVIDIA.

People who use NVIDIA GPUs to play games on their PCs want this feature to be turned on. So this type of information is only found on Santa Monica’s main page or YouTube Channel. Santa Monica has also released a YouTube Video on their Channel revealing the extraordinary visuals in the PC version. These visuals weren’t available in PlayStation 4, so they added upgrades in their next release.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you should watch such news. The only source you can find such news is the YouTube Channel of that Studio that is developing that game.

Finding Authentic News Through Social Media

Finding authentic news through Social Media is also possible. Publishing Studios like Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts use Twitter to reveal the upcoming games and news. The news released on these accounts is 100% authentic because a publisher never lies.

Rockstar Games has 12.6M Follows on Twitter, and Ubisoft has 8.6M Followers on Twitter. So they are operating their social media profile through Twitter, where they share news and stuff related to games.

Every person has Facebook and Twitter installed on their Smartphones. So it’s recommended to follow these accounts to get authentic video games information. Many people have adopted this technique and witnessed the authenticity of news through these channels. Also, it takes one second to install these apps on your Smartphones. So, don’t miss this chance.

Console Releasing News

In 2021, several consoles were released. Now in 2022, several upcoming consoles are scheduled. Just like video games are released, consoles are also released, and breaking news also appears. So to find such breaking news, you have to watch some other sources. In my eyes, Life Wire is the best source for this work because it revealed the 8 best gaming consoles of 2021.

Indeed, it will provide breaking news of the gaming consoles that are all set to be released in 2022. If you are interested in playing games on consoles like PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, you must watch breaking news on Life Wire because some gamers prefer consoles a lot. Life Wire is a practical resource for console releases, and hopefully, it will list the upcoming gaming consoles of 2022 soon.

Motherboard Releasing News

Gaming Silk is another resource for finding articles related to Motherboards, RAM, and Graphics Cards. If you are interested in Motherboard news and stuff like that, visit Gaming Expert. You’ll find numerous options and news related to these accessories.


Whatever news content you come across at Exputer is not just a wordplay or cooked story. The writers follow the industry standards by linking the story with the source content from an official tweet, quotes from a press release, or even an official video announcement statement. All in all, this website is one of the best sources when it comes to covering video games news content.

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