You’ve come to the right place to find the best free Android VPN app if you’re running an Android device and want the anonymity, security, and freedom that a VPN can give you.

With a virtual private network, you can keep your digital life more secure, which means your personal details are kept just that. When you use open Wi-Fi such as in coffee shops, airports, or hotels, you are potentially open to threats. While abroad, it is also ideal for watching geo-restricted Netflix shows.

If you are looking for a free VPN, we recommend ProtonVPN, but you may also want to consider stepping up to a paid VPN like ExpressVPN. We’ve highlighted many of the best VPNs for Android previously, but ExpressVPN provides reliable service, fast speeds, and removes all the compromises you might have to make for a free VPN.

Best free VPN for Android

1. ProtonVPN

The best free VPN for security-conscious users

ProtonMail is an ultra-secure email service you’ve probably heard of before, right? ProtonVPN happens to be our top pick for the most reliable free Android VPN service right now. It is developed by the same people behind it, so they also have the VPN app. The company has both a free and a paid version, but to be honest, the free version is more than sufficient for most users, especially for those just getting started.

As you would imagine, the free plan has a few limitations. ProtonVPN offers free users an unlimited amount of bandwidth each month, but it notes that the company may throttle the speeds of free users during peak times. It’s unlikely you’ll notice much of a difference, but it’s worth mentioning.

As a Swiss company, Proton won’t eavesdrop on your activities thanks to its legal and regulatory immunity.

2. Hotspot Shield VPN

Android app – a free VPN with all the essentials

In our list of the best free VPN providers, Hotspot Shield takes the top spot. People can choose between a free and paid plan from this company, just like Proton. Hotspot Shield’s free plan is a bit more limited than Proton’s, where users will only get 500MB per day, which equates to about 15GB of data per month. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it’s quite a significant amount and more than enough to satisfy most people.

Additionally, you get a speed of up to 2Mbps, and you can only stream SD (which keeps you under the bandwidth limit). Hotspot Shield does not log any information and has military-grade encryption. Only one device can be connected at a time and compared to the hundreds of options available to users who pay, there is only one option for free users.

3. Windscribe VPN

Best free VPN to earn extra bandwidth

The Windscribe VPN has a lot to offer, which is why we include it in any kind of best VPN post, but one of its standout features is that you can actually earn even more data on the free plan by doing things such as tweeting. It’s really that easy, and that’s awesome.

Although this isn’t the fastest option, it has clients for all major platforms, and there are multiple server locations around the world. This is useful for those looking for a way to spoof locations in order to access media otherwise restricted by geography. You can also use it on your router or with Kodi.

4. TunnelBear VPN

Free Easy-to-Use VPN

TunnelBear’s app experience and ease of use make it stand out as a top Android VPN as it stands out against its competition. This company has taken out all the extra options from their apps, making them super easy to use and learn. You are unlikely to use it regularly if you are unsure how to set it up, or find it complicated to connect. Other platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, etc. are also supported.

With over 20 server locations to choose from, you can access geo-restricted content while on the go and while traveling. As far as security is concerned, TunnelBear is world-class. Security audits of the company’s servers are performed by independent specialists, which you won’t find elsewhere. As a result, you can rest assured that your data is handled safely and exactly as TunnelBear claims.

What are you using a VPN for?

Before you choose a VPN service, you need to consider why you’re getting one. Three main reasons for using VPNs are to stay anonymous online, to provide security, and to unblock geo-restricted video streaming services.

All of these reasons may apply to you or just one of them. VPNs cannot unblock every form of video content, for example Netflix can be problematic for some.

When it comes to VPNs, some offer double-hop encryption, which gives you double the protection, so if you want that kind of protection, make sure you look out for it.

Is there a free VPN for Android and how much does it cost?

VPN prices vary, but one thing that remains fairly constant is that they get cheaper the longer you commit. By paying month-to-month, it will cost you more than if you paid for the whole year upfront, as most services do. The free version, however, is here to get you started.

Many services offer free trials or at least money-back guarantees, so you can try before you buy. Perhaps you should try a full-service before going with a free one since you may find it’s so much better that you’ll want to pay.

In most cases, there are plenty of free VPN services, but their server numbers and amount of data are limited.

When it comes to free Android VPN providers, we believe that ProtonVPN and Hotspot Shield are your best options. You can give them both a spin and decide which one you prefer.

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