Are you looking to find an excellent Barber shop in New York that offers a clean, stylish cut? If so, then you’re going to have to expect quite a bit from your first visit.

These tips will be subjective since each Barber has their style and technique.

As you read through the list below, keep in mind that this is just for your first visit. Let’s get started! Here are 15 things to expect From Your First Barber Visit:

1. Expect To Have A Consultation

The barber will ask you questions about your hair and what you would like to do with it. They might even take a look at the way that it is currently styled or cut. 

In any case, they’ll want to get a feel for how you wear your hair daily. If this is your first time at the barbershop, you should expect them to ask some questions.

It’s an integral part of their job to get to know what you want out of your hair.

2. Expect To Be Able To See Their Work

Look around the shop before deciding on a Barber. You’ll want to make sure that they have a clean shop, reasonable prices, and that they have a large amount of experience.

It’s also crucial to see what kind of work their past clients received. If you can’t find any photos around the barbershop, you should politely ask them for some references before deciding.

Once you’ve made your choice, please don’t be shy about asking about some of their work.

3. Expect Them To Look At Your Hair Carefully

A barber will want to know what kind of hair you have. They will be examining it closely so that they can get a feel for what will work best with your type of hair.

You’ll usually find that they are looking at your hair from multiple angles to get a great view of it. It might mean leaning over you or maybe even asking for your assistance with parting it in some areas.

4. Expect Them To Use Old School Tools

Your barber is going to be using razors, straight razors, combs, brushes, and towels during your visit. These are all tools that have been used for decades.

They might even use some of these same tools on you that they used when they were in the barber school years ago! Getting a nice clean shave is an art, and you should never rush a skilled barber.

5. Expect Them To Ask For Your Face Shape

To offer you the perfect cut, they want to consider what your face shape is. There are all different face shapes, including round, square, oblong, triangular, oval, diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, and more.

By learning what shape your face is, they can offer you the perfect cut that will look flattering on you.

6. Expect Them To Know Exactly How Your Hair Grows

Every head of hair is different, and it all depends on where you’re located. Your barber will want to know where exactly your hair grows so that they can help you achieve the style that you’re looking for.

Each place on your head (i.e., at the temples, above the ears) will grow differently based on genetics.

7. Expect To Get Advice About What Products To Use

During your visit, they might offer some suggestions about what kind of products or hairstyles work best with your hairstyle.

They might also let you know what kind of hairstyle suits your face shape and your lifestyle best. This information is vital for them to offer you the perfect cut that fits you well.

8. Expect A Haircut And A Shampoo

Even if it’s not an actual full wash, expect to get a shampoo during your visit. Barbers will usually rinse out all the hair products in your hair, clean it, and then apply a new product layer before cutting your hair. That is how they give your hair the best overall look after the cut.

9. Expect Your Hair To Be Rewashed Before The Cut

At most barbershops, you can expect to get your hair washed twice. The first time is when shampooing it, and the other is right before giving you a cut.

If they don’t do this second wash, then your haircut might not come out looking as good as it could. Your hair needs to be completely dry before cutting, and washing your hair twice ensures it is.


Barber visit can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. By knowing the purpose of each step in the process, you will feel more confident when getting your hair cut by a professional barber.

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By Manali