Friendship teaches us selflessness. It teaches us to stay with a friend in his/her good times and bad times. If you have someone in your life ‘who is a friend in need’, then you are simply blessed. It’s really important that time-to-time, you must acknowledge her love and affection towards you, especially if it’s a female friend. Her care should be given due importance by adorning her with awesome gifts. Don’t treat her with mediocrity, instead gift her something special and unique. Personalized gifts make the best options to let your bestie girl feel out of the World.

So, without any further delay, let’s look at the top personalized gifts for your female friends:

1.     Silver name necklace: Girls love jewelry as it speaks their feminine style and when the necklace symbolizes her name, its awesomeness gets even doubled. Liked this idea? But, now thinking about how will you buy this unique gift. No worries! It’s too simple. Just log on to our website, select the necklace, and mention the name, address, date, and time of delivery. The gift will be delivered to your doorstep without any delay. Seeing such an innovative gift, your friend will feel at the top of the World. 

2.     Personalised Makeup organizer: Is your female friend fond of make-up? Then, a personalized makeup organizer can be the most ideal gift to surprise her. You can go for a functional makeup organizer which has enough space to store her kajal, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, comb, brushes, and much more. On the top of the makeup organizer, you can engrave the name of your friend. She will be happy to receive it as it will help her keep possessions in an organized manner and can skip the hassle of finding the make-up accessory. There are a lot of online gifting websites that offer beautifully designed makeup boxes. You can easily order them online. 

3.     Photo plant mug: So, your friend is obsessed with nature’s beauty. She loves to decorate her surroundings with blooming plants. Then, you can think of buying a photo plant pot for her to give a stylish base to the plants. Just select the most stunning image of your female friend and get it printed on the pot. Infact, you can order a beautiful plant of her choice potted in a photo mug. You can choose the one among money plant, bamboo plant, basil plant and much more. Along with this gift, you can add a ‘Thank You’ Card to convey your feelings.

4.     Personalised passport cover: If ‘style’ is relevant in every sphere of her life, then make her travel time special as well by presenting her with a personalized passport cover. The personalized passport cover will not only make your passport cover look different and unique, but it will also keep the document safe and secure for an extended period of time. It will let her enjoy her vacations without any worry. So, order the quality passport cover today and impress your friend like never before.

5.     Customised photo lamp: Gifts add excitement to lives and their presence becomes more interesting when they have a touch of personalization. Photo lamp makes one of the most amazing personalized best friend gifts on the occasions like – Birthday, Friendship, Promotion etc. You can get the photo printed on bottle lamps and rotating lamps to bring a sweet smile to the face of your bestie. She will be touched by this unique gesture of yours and the bond between both of you will get stronger than ever.

Gifts are always special, but with the tinge of personalization, they become memorable. By adding names, name initials and photographs to the gifts, you can let your gift truly stand apart from others and make a space in her heart.

By Manali