is popular software. It helps in downloading YouTube videos. The process of downloading is relatively quick and easy. You just have to mention the link of the video. Pretty soon, the entire video is downloaded on your device. However, the website is not the only one. There are many other alternatives to YT1s that we can consider. Here we share other websites, apps, and other factors that you could use.


If you are looking for another easy option, you can pick YTD. You can use it to download videos from Daily Motion, Facebook, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, etc. If required, you can convert the videos to other formats. Usage of the software is relatively easy. Just add your link and let the video download.


New Pipe is another lightweight YouTube Front end software for Android devices. It does not require the Google Play store and the YouTube API to download any videos. All the website does is just check the YouTube website and gather all the information.


YouTube-dl is augmentable with the YouTube-DLG, which is a Front end software. This is a small command-line program that you can use to download videos not only from YouTube but from other websites as well.


YouTube-DLG is a program that we can use to download videos from YouTube. But this software is no longer updated. You will get the last version that was updated in July 2017, and you may download that.

4K Video downloader

4K Video Downloader helps you to download all the videos, audios, subtitles, playlists, and channels. You can even download the playlists, but the number of videos present in them should be less than 25. All the videos are downloaded in high quality and saved on the computer.

Video Download helper

Download helper is another tool for downloading software. You can capture audio, video, and image files from multiple sites.


This is a free downloader and can also be used as a converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Metacafe, and other online video sites as well. The tool will convert the video into formats like MPEG4, Mp3, and other formats in just one step.


Tartube is front end GUI for YouTube DL. It is written in Python 3 and runs on MS Windows, Linux, and BSD. It maybe works on Mac OS, but the developers are yet to confirm the same.

Bulk Media Downloader

The software grabs as well as downloads all the media resources in bulk.  You may even filter the different apps so that the grabber window does not get cluttered. You can even pause the button in case you feel that the number of software are more.

YouTube Video and Audio downloader

This is an Open Source project and helps you to download YouTube videos in multiple quality formats. You may even choose the video quality you want.


This is a video downloader for the mac OS. Plus, It provides support not only for YouTube but 1200 other sites. Whichever kind of video you wish to download, you can do so without any problems.

Freemake Video Downloader

This is a free video downloader. You can use it to download videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, Facebook, and others. Not only that, but the variety of content quality is also very vast. You may also convert the video to FLV, AVI, MP4, MP3 formats.


These are some alternatives to the website. You can decide which one you think is the most appropriate for your work. Most of them are either free or quite easy to use. So you should not have any problem in downloading your videos.

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