As we know that it’s essential to clean our spaces timely to keep everything neat and safe to live. The same goes with the commercial spaces and properties as these are visited by several people who bring dust and dirt with their shoes as well keep the waste in the dustbins. So, it’s important to clean the entire space on time to maintain a healthy surrounding.  The places that are not clean, filled with waste everywhere become a strong support to the rise of unhealthy atmosphere, bacterial growth in the damp spaces, foul smell and the worst is the presence of harmful viral infections in the air. This risks the health of your employees working in that place and even to those who visit the office as a client or potential customer. Hence, to be on the safer side it’s advised to clean your office properties on time before it causes you further trouble.

It will surely benefit your business as well as add value to your organization. Now, if you might be thinking how are you going to take care of this thing, then you have a great option i.e. to hire the professional office cleaning services in Los Angeles who know this job well. These are experienced people who have already done this task several times and they know the whole process better than anyone else in the competition. Also, they know that using professional help will aid you in creating an excellent impression on the mind of your shareholders, investors, customers and clients. Not only this, even your employees will love to come to the office on tiem daily as they will have  a refreshing environment to work rather than an untidy place that is filled with waste and foul smell making them avoid coming to the office.

Now, let’s discuss how you should schedule the cleaning services at your commercial structure.

1.   Daily roster of Cleaning:

The daily roster of cleaning should involve the clearance of all waste paper and debris in the dustbins as well as on the floor and tables. However, it’s mandatory to check in case there is any important document or file that may get cleared with the debris. The next thing to be done is to clear the trash and clean it properly. The garbage bags need to be replaced with the clean new stock. After this is over, the cleaners must use the vacuum to the floor, mats, carpets, office cubicles to remove the dust & dirt. In case there is any mud stain or other spots on the floor or carpets, it’s good to use the stain cleaner in order to prevent it from staying permanently. Some stains are too hard to remove especially if it stays on the base for long. Now, it’s time to organize the tables, chairs, and loose documents to keep it look tidy and organized.  The window panes and doors need daily cleaning to prevent infection and clear the fingerprints as well as smudges.

2.   Weekly Roster of Cleaning:

The weekly roster of cleaning includes the dusting and wiping of the official items like desks, cubicle walls, cabinets, shelves, cupboards, almirahs and other similar spaces. This can be done once a week and along with these, the electronic equipment the office too needs proper dusting like the computers, telephones, mouse, monitors, kepwords, screens, laptops and others. The wiping should be done with the use of some microfibrillar cloth and a disinfectant spray that can remove the germs and bacteria on the surfaces. In addition, the widow sills, ledges, door jambs also need dusting. Now, you have to clean the restrooms and counter areas because commercial building toilets are used too frequently which indicates that these need proper cleaning every week to keep the space safe, hygienic and protected from the infectious bacterias. In case, the place has a kitchen then that too demands weekly clean up to prevent the growth of mildew.

3.   Monthly roster of Cleaning:

The monthly roster involves a proper clean up of the hand dryers, wall mounted things, paper towel handles, towel dispensers, mirrors, and exhaust fans. In addition, the surfaces like tables, chairs, desks, cabinets need polishing to restore their shine and finish. The hard floors should be revived with the burnisher or with the help of floor machines to bring their wet-look back. The soap dispensers should be cleaned and refilled with antiseptic liquid soap.  Also, the carpets and mats need pepper scrubbing especially to those that are in rough use in the building.

Hence, if you are planning to clean your official building, you can simply search for the top “office cleaning services near meand I am sure you will get the top ones in the list that are experts in this job. These people even provide budget services that you can easily afford and save your hard earned money. Or you can even ask your family or friends if they know some good cleaning agency that can help you with this task. You just have to call them and they will visit your building as soon as possible.

By Manali