If you are in immediate search for security guard companies in Orange County or even if you are looking for hotel security services, then look no further. Today, we have compiled the list of the top rated security guard companies in Orange County.

1. United Security Services

United Security Services’ years of experience and dedication to customer service distinguish us as one of the top tier security companies in Irvine. In order to deliver customised Irvine security services, they must first identify and analyse the security risks that exist in the city. Custom security packages designed for Irvine commercial security and residential security clients take into account the city’s culture, its community, as well as their own personal security requirements.

Irvine security guards, Irvine armed security guards, Irvine security patrols, and a variety of other services are provided by United Security Services. As one of the top tier Irvine security companies, United Security Services provides unparalleled customer attention and customer service to its clients.

Their United Security Services staff works around the clock. They personalise to each customer by offering access to their account manager as well as a local state-of-the-art Security Guard Dispatch Centre that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. United Security Services understands the necessity of access and communication in a secure environment. Their ability to respond quickly and provide cutting-edge resources are important aspects of the value of their services.

2. Citiguard Inc

In Los Angeles, Orange County, and throughout California, Citiguard is the most trusted security guard business, providing a wide range of security services such as Riverside, commercial, event, high-profile bodyguard, and many more. As a result, they have some of the most experienced security guards who are experts in specific security services ranging from security patrol to armed and unarmed guards, event security, private security, residential security, and a variety of other services because they understand that every environment is different and requires specific security measures tailored to the environment. 

Due to the fact that they examine their clients’ needs before delivering services, and then they put their heart and soul into offering value to their clients.They have earned the reputation of being a one-stop solution for anyone seeking top security services and security guards in the area.Citiguard provides armed and unarmed security guard services 24 hours a day, seven days a week for foot patrol, vehicle patrol, marked vehicle patrol, golf carts, and marked vehicle patrol with three different uniforms to pick from to provide Mobile Security Patrol Services to clients. They are committed to understanding and meeting the individual demands of our clients through customising services. 

Citiguard provides on-site personal armed guard services for the security of your company’s executives and other key personnel. They stand by their clients and work with them to provide the best possible armed security guard protection. They are one of the top security guard companies because they specialise in creating personalised security plans that are tailored to your individual circumstance and area.

3. Onguard Security Services

Are you looking for a security solution that can meet all of your requirements while remaining within your budget? You have OnGuard Security Services! Their staff is licenced, insured, and qualified, and they employ security people who have been thoroughly screened to ensure that they satisfy the required criteria.

Throughout their history, OnGuard has serviced thousands of clients in California and has maintained its commitment to meeting the particular needs of each client while providing highly professional hotel security service. Their unrivalled accountability, use of the most up-to-date technologies in security services, and unwavering dependability has enabled us to establish a long-term relationship with our customers. OnGuard is committed to putting you first at all times.

4. Secure Guard Security Services

Secure Guard provides armed and unarmed security officers in Southern California who have completed the state-required training as well as any additional mandatory training courses mandated by their organisation and are certified by their organisation. They train and educate all of the Southern California armed and unarmed security guards to realise that their primary goal is to deter crime and to maintain the highest level of vigilance possible to defend the clients’ interests. 

Their armed guards are some of the most senior members of the team, with an average of more than a decade of experience in the security field. Having an armed guard from Secure Guard can be a wonderful advantage to your company in terms of delivering a cost-effective and vigilant crime deterrent to your employees.Providing unarmed security guards for hire in the greater Los Angeles area, Secure Guard employs individuals who have passed the state-mandated training as well as any other mandatory training courses requested by their firm. 

The security guards are carefully chosen to meet the needs of clients as well as their organisational personalities. Throughout the day, the supervisors keep a close eye on all of their guards, and their activities are tracked on a daily basis using our guard tracking system.In order to ensure that our guards are fully aware of the tasks and obligations assigned to them, each location’s supervisor conducts an individual training session with them.

By Manali