Where To Place Your UV Light Sanitizers in a School or Classroom

Ultraviolet light systems have gained popularity as a way of cleaning large areas of schools frequently and quickly. Installing a UV light sanitizer for school use is an efficient way to disinfect various parts of the classroom. The spread of bacteria and viruses can be controlled or accelerated by HVAC equipment in a school or classroom. Here is where to place your UV light sanitizers in a school or classroom.

Upper-air Units

The upper-air units are the first place to apply UV light sanitizers in schools. UV light units can be installed anywhere that viruses and bacteria have the potential to exist. Such systems create an irradiation zone in the upper region of any space. 

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The mechanical or convection air currents raise the infectious agents several feet. When the agents get exposed to irradiation produced by the UV, they are all neutralized.

UV light sanitizer kills pathogens that circulate within its irradiation zone caused by the movement of students like those cleaning, exiting, or entering a school or classroom. UV units are also useful in destroying droplet nuclei from sneezing and coughing.

HVAC Coil Irradiation

HVAC coil irradiation is also an effective means to apply UV light sanitizers in schools or classrooms. HVAC systems often have mold and bacteria growth around the filters, drain pans, plenum walls, and cooling coils. These microbial deposits can cause coil fouling, reducing airflow and raising coil pressure drops. 

Installing UV light sanitizers within duct runs or HVAC units prevents re-transmission and recirculation of toxic microorganisms in a classroom. UV units improve indoor air quality, reduce maintenance needs, and promote heat exchange efficiency. 

High Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces in school classrooms include chairs, desks, floors, tables, and countertops. These areas are frequently exposed to harmful viruses and bacteria that could lead to the spread of germs. 

UV light sanitizers can be placed in unoccupied rooms to sanitize equipment or surfaces. When the bacteria get subjected to intense light, they die. 

UV light is not only environmentally friendly but safe to use. Using it as an option to destroy bacteria does not pose the risk of pathogen immunity. 

The unit works through a physical process and uses light to destroy bacteria. UV light sanitizers are safe on non-food and food items as they don’t use chemicals. You can use the kitchen surfaces in schools and not worry about food contamination. 

Classrooms and Offices

Teachers and students often use laptops and desktops to study. These gadgets are full of germs due to exposure to external environments. They attract viruses in many ways, like droplets that find a place on the screens and crevices of the keyboard.

A UV light sanitizer is a safe and portable product to clean shared technology equipment. Students can carry on with their school work without worrying about spreading germs when sharing these gadgets. 

Students spend a lot of time reading books and writing in notebooks. They may share books or touch other things and transmit the germs to the books. Documents and stationery also are objects exposed to daily germs. Each has the potential to spread bacteria and viruses. Use UV light to sanitize study areas, books, paper materials, and other shared items like calculators, pencil boxes, bags, etc.


UV light sanitizers are disinfecting systems that effectively disinfect the toilet bowl and seat. The unit gets mounted to the toilet seat cover, and a control is set up to activate the system when someone lowers the seat. 

UV light toilet sanitizer kills bacteria, viruses, and mold, and provides clean, fresh air. The system is a natural and safe way to destroy germs without harsh chemicals. 

Music Instruments

Kids learning musical instruments may share them as they study. These instruments can easily get infected by the hands and mouths of those using them. Use a UV light sanitizer to clean shared instruments and practice areas before children handle or enter them. By doing so, you can help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Look for the Best UV Light Sanitizer for School Disinfection Solution

Find a UV light sanitizer for school disinfection that can eliminate viruses and bacteria in classrooms. Identify a company that offers a system that is easy to deploy, proven, and cost-effective. A system that can disinfect your facilities automatically is the best. Automation makes it easy to maintain standard levels of disinfection for a long time.

By Manali