You walk into a salon, lie on the tanning bed, and voila, you get the perfect tan! Sounds like magic? Well, it may, but it isn’t going to happen like this. Unless you have that perfect skin that tans evenly the very first time. 

To get the perfect tan, you must take care of certain things before you step onto the tanning bed at Boca Raton tanning salon

1. Determine your skin type

It is important to know your skin type so that you avoid burning your skin. Good salons have skin experts that work as per your skin type. For example, extremely fair skin burns quickly, so you must tan for a short time. Dark skin burns slower. Don’t step inside the tanning bed without knowing what type of skin you have. 

2. Exfoliate before tanning

Slough off those dead skin cells before you tan. This leads to a deeper and long-lasting tan. 

3. Never stay longer than advised

Good salons harbor skin specialists that are well-versed with the task of tanning. They would recommend you a particular time inside the bed, depending on your skin type. Staying longer than this recommended time can burn your skin. You must follow the instructions of the salon experts like the Bible when tanning the skin. 

4. Wear safety goggles

Never ever step inside the tanning bed without your safety goggles. You might damage your eyes permanently. Tanning beds feature ultraviolet rays, which are exactly the same as that of the sun. Many salons provide a pair of goggles, or you bring your own pair. You must wear them properly during the whole tanning session. 

5. Avoid a shower immediately after tanning 

The tanning salon experts will tell you the right time to shower after the session. Usually, you must wait a minimum of three hours before taking a shower. Showering too soon would end up washing away your tan. Your skin doesn’t get enough time to absorb the tan. 

6. Avoid frequent tanning 

Daily tanning is not recommended. Give your skin time to heal before you do the next tanning session. Even if your skin did not tan well the first time, avoid rushing to the next session. Over tanning is damaging to the skin. It can create a host of skin problems too. 

Sometimes, the skin takes time to display the perfect tan. Every skin type is different. Your friend got an immediate tan does not mean you would too. 

7. Use a tan extending lotion 

Known as tan extenders, these lotions are designed to extend the life of your tan. They are meant to be applied after tanning. You need not expose your skin to UV rays often to maintain that golden glow. A good lotion can do that. Ask the experts at the salon for a tan extender. 

Last but the not the least, the perfect tan comes with the perfect salon. Search for the “best tanning salon near me” and ensure you are in the hands of only the best professionals in the tanning world. 

With summer on the way, you better get going with your tanning ritual. 

By Manali