The definition of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) would be as follows, “A medical condition which causes an insufficient penile erection to facilitate vaginal penetration.” Almost 35 million men are diagnosed with ED. ED is a treatable medical condition along with other conditions that occur due to loss in the production of testosterone in the male body.

Many diseases can become the cause of ED in men. These diseases include heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. According to a study about the trends in ED from 2008 to 2018, it is expected that the number of ED patients will increase up to 322 million by the year 2025. 

Here are some main causes that may cause ED in males


The most common reason for ED is age. A man over the age of 30 is more likely to develop this condition due to increasing age factors just like any other disease. More than half of the men over 70 notice some symptoms of ED.

Poor Quality of Life

If you are leading a life with no balance lifestyle and are becoming obese due to eating junk and not exercising properly you likely develop some symptoms of ED. Obesity can cause your body to turn testosterone into estrogen which can cause a lack of testosterone in the body.

 This case of ED is reversible as the patient can retain a healthy lifestyle and make their body recognize the healthy patterns of life which in turn can cause a reversal of ED.


Along with lung diseases, Smoking can also be the cause behind ED. The habit of smoking can cause irregular blood flow to various parts of the body including the phallic of a man. The irregular blood flow into the penile area can cause ED. 

This kind of ED is also reversible which means that if you quit smoking, you will notice a betterment in your condition. 

Side Effect of Drugs

Some pain relief drugs, antidepressants, and blood pressure drugs can contain substances that may cause ED. If you have recently started taking a drug and it is causing such symptoms you must confer with your doctor or pharmacist and come to an alternative option for the reversal of ED.

Drugs that make your body numb or have extreme amounts of substances can harm your body if taken irresponsibly. Make sure to take drugs according to the advice of your doctor. 

Psychological Disorders 

Disorders like depressive disorders and anxiety disorders can cause disrupted blood flow regulation in the body which in turn can cause ED. Drinking too much alcohol or watching too much pornography can also be the cause behind the symptoms of ED. 

In short, your mental state of health or physical state of health can cause many diseases in your body and so they can also be the cause of ED. An ED patient should take steps towards a healthy lifestyle and a better mental mindset for getting better results. If ever you’re in the area, looking up institutions like ed treatments Houston can go a long way.

 Just like in the case of most diseases, ED can also be avoided by quitting bad habits and opting for better lifestyle choices.

By Manali