When you lose your keys as a result of theft or inadvertently, it is expected that you will be required to call a locksmith. Similarly, in the context of a burglary, your lock may have been damaged, forcing you to call on this specialist.

However, if you have taken out multi-risk home insurance before that, you should be able to benefit from reimbursement of the repair costs incurred by the intervention of the locksmith.

The specific case of a burglary

In the case of a burglary, the costs generated by the intervention of a locksmith in order to replace the door or change the damaged lock are covered by the insurance.

Evidence of burglary

To benefit from this advantage, it is necessary to be able to produce proof that a person actually tried to break into your home or, when the incident went beyond the mere attempt to produce evidence of a burglary.

In order to have such evidence, it is imperative to file a complaint at a police station within 24 hours of the occurrence of the incident, and to produce a copy of the said complaint.

Various elements are necessary in order to provide proof of a burglary. These include in particular:

  • A copy of the report drawn up by the police;
  • A list of damage caused;
  • Proof of payment made to the locksmith;
  • An invoice issued by the craftsman and bearing the words “Identical replacement following the break-in”.

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The procedure for obtaining a refund

When the time comes to claim reimbursement of costs from your insurance company, it should be mentioned that it is possible to add a photograph of the damaged door or lock to the above-mentioned list of parts. This complaint must be made within 48 hours.

The amount of possible reimbursement is capped and cannot exceed a certain threshold.

Cases of loss or theft of keys

In situations resulting in the loss or theft of keys, some banks will reimburse the costs generated by the intervention of the lock specialist.

Reimbursement by the bank

In order to benefit from this reimbursement, you must have previously linked a bank card to a breakdown insurance. Cards of the following types provide this benefit:

  • MasterCard;
  • Gold Mastercard;
  • Visa Premier;

Carte Bleue for which the possibility of reimbursement in the event of loss or theft of the means of payment is mentioned.

In this case too, a maximum reimbursement amount is defined. If this amount is exceeded, you will be responsible for the excess.

Reimbursement by home insurance

Home insurance can also play a role in the event of theft or loss. Subject to certain conditions, it may cover the costs of intervention. It is therefore important to carefully read the insurance contract.

An additional precaution in this regard consists in obtaining information from the insurer on all the useful information in order to be informed as to the limits affecting the indemnities to which it is possible to claim for each of the interventions.

In order to take advantage of the compensation made available, it is necessary to inform your insurer before any intervention by the craftsman.

Most of the time, the insurance covers the travel of the specialist. Click here  for more details on these fees. Coverage extends a few times in his first hour of work. As for the costs of supply and labor, they are your responsibility.

The importance of a licensed locksmith

It is essential to use a licensed professional for everything related to your locksmith work. The presence of an approval translates the guarantee of a work of quality, respect of the deadlines as well as an application of the real costs, in accordance with the standards of the market.

All insurance companies provide a list of professionals that can be called upon when faced with a breakdown. It is therefore necessary to contact your insurer so that he can direct you to a locksmith or a trustworthy locksmith company.

By Manali