Fighting games were very popular in the late 90s. Every gamer wanted to play fighting games in those days. But after 2010, numerous games of Action-Adventure, First-Person Shooting, and Sports series were released, which replaced most of the fighting games. But gamers who love these games are still playing them on their Laptops, PlayStations, and Xbox Consoles.

In fighting games, athletes use a different controller for playing these games. These controllers are different from other games because PUBG, Call of Duty, and Need For Speed series are played on Keyboards. But fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken 7, and King of Fighters are mostly played on controllers like Joypad.

Numerous controllers for playing fighting games are available in the market, but selecting a powerful controller that responds well in fighting games is difficult. So this article is going to solve this problem because we’ll list the best controllers for fighting games.

If Tekken 7 is your favorite game and you are looking for some fight sticks that respond well in Tekken 7, you must follow this guide because the gamer has mentioned the 10 Best Arcade Sticks For Tekken 7, so don’t forget to follow that page. To play Tekken 7, you need a Computer, so if you don’t have one, then follow Gaming Silk because this website lists some powerful motherboards for gaming. So you’ll find some cool motherboards that are best for installing powerful components and playing fighting games solidly.

So these were the 2 websites that I’ve listed for more information. If you seek more information about fighting games, follow those websites to learn a lot. Now let’s start our discussion with the controllers.

Qanba Obsidian

Qanba Obsidian is the first fight stick on our list with a simple view and LED Lightning. When you press the keys, it glows light from its inner part, creating an eye-catchy view for gamers. These lights cannot be customized, but their default color is good.

So Qanba Obsidian is officially licensed by Sony, and it is compatible with PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Usually, every fight stick compatible with PS3 and PS4 is also compatible with PS5, so that is not as big as people think. This Qanba Obsidian is also compatible with PC, so you don’t need to install separate chips inside. The default chips compatible with PS3 and PS4 work best with PC.

Its connection is with Wired USB Cord, and 8 original buttons of Sanwa OBSF are installed. These buttons are soft, so no hard pressing is required because these are very soft. The rest 4 buttons are small, including PS (PlayStation) and Start Button.

Victrix Pro FS

Victrix Pro FS is another arcade stick with an eye-catchy view and soft buttons. Its response time is in milliseconds. You don’t face input delays and things that irritate a user. It has a powerful Chip installed, making this fight stick compatible with PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The “Brooks Universal” Chip makes it compatible with almost every fighting game console.

So when you have Victrix Pro FS in your hands, you don’t have to worry about consoles because it’s already compatible. Its backside contains two extra-large holes for carrying. You don’t have to put it into the bag to carry this stick, its large holes make it easier for you to carry, but that is not recommended by any means. It would help if you used a backpack to carry this fight stick because it’s expensive. When purchasing some expensive fight sticks, you must use a backpack to insert them safely.

Mad Catz

Mad Catz The Authentic EGO Arcade Fight Stick is a lightweight fight stick compatible with every console. Victrix Pro FS was also compatible with several consoles, but this Mad Catz is also compatible with Nintendo Switch. It is an affordable fight stick with wired connectivity technology and the latest chips.

Every fight stick has 8 buttons of Sanwa OBSF, which are pretty cool because they are easy to press. There is only one thing that irritates a user on Sanwa buttons. Sanwa buttons are soft, but when you press them, you hear a noise which is not good. To avoid this distortion, you can use the buttons of other brands like SAMDUSKA.

Standard PlayStation 4 Controller

A standard PlayStation 4 controller is an affordable and lightweight controller having small buttons. You may have seen those controllers before because they are older. Standard PlayStation 4 controllers are easy to use when your character’s rotating angle is limited.

In fighting games, movement matters a lot, primarily depending on your rotator. If your rotator is of Sanwa, then your movement is good. Still, if you pick a character who doesn’t require movement, these PlayStation 4 controllers are best because you can perform every move without facing issues.

So that’s a benefit for using a PlayStation 4 controller, but most gamers avoid this because it’s only good for a single character. I’ve seen many players who play only 1 character, but players who pick multiple characters should avoid this controller because this is not a perfect pick for them.

Qanba Drone

Qanba Drone is another variant of Qanba, like Obsidian. It’s a good controller for the Street Fighter series. If you play Tekken and Soul Calibur, don’t go with this because it is not good for them. This stick’s rotation is average, and Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur require extraordinary movement. So it’s not good for these games because you can face issues. For Street Fighter, it’s a perfect pick. It’s also an affordable and lightweight fight stick with soft buttons and quick response.


So these were the best fight sticks for playing fighting games on your consoles. Some sticks are expensive, while some are cheap. It depends on your budget and the game you want to play. Some controllers are pretty much compatible with average fighting games. You must read this review completely because you purchased these things just one time. And that isn’t good if you don’t get what you demand. So to avoid regrets later, be careful before purchasing any fight stick for yourself.

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