The only thing worse than windows covered in dirt is money covered in dust. Some people like to save a few bucks by hiring their window cleaners, but the truth is you get what you pay for – and it’s rarely worth it.

There are many reasons homeowners should rely on professional window cleaning services when they need their windows done right.

1. Professional Window Cleaners Are Insured

One of the most dangerous jobs, professional window cleaning, is a risky business. Homeowners should not assume that their insurance covers damage sustained during window cleaning.

Professional cleaners know to take precautions and carry the proper coverage before starting any job. They also get their work guaranteed, which helps them get compensated if anything goes wrong (like a high-rise fall).

 2. Professional Window Cleaners Use Special Tools And Techniques

Think about all the germs that end up on your windows – everything from pollen and dirt to grease and dirt (and then there’s bird waste).

When these things collect on your windows, they can create permanent stains or even corrode the glass. Professional window cleaners know how to use specialized tools to eliminate any buildup without damaging your property.

They also have access to the particular chemicals needed to safely remove these things from household glass – rather than just smearing them around like you might do at home with a spray bottle and a cloth.

3. Professional Window Cleaners Can Work In High Places

So your ladder is pretty tall, and you’re sure that you don’t need to worry about falling off of it today because you’ve got this.

Sure, we all know we shouldn’t climb ladders if we’re not secure on our feet, but we also know we’re not going to fall – and it’s so much easier than climbing up and down a set of floating stairs.

It only takes one slight misstep for you to find yourself in the emergency room – or worse yet, dead. Many things make working at heights dangerous, but professional window cleaners have gone through extensive training on properly working in these situations.

4. Professional Window Cleaners Have Access To Chemicals That Are Safe For The Environment

Many cleaning solutions used by professionals contain no harsh chemicals but simply rely on a mix of hot water and elbow grease.

They can get any tough stains out with nothing more than soap and water – so you won’t need to worry about any long-term damage to your property.

Cleaning chemicals that are safe for the environment will also help keep your pets and kids from getting into anything harmful, so you won’t need to feel guilty about them playing near freshly cleaned windows.

5. Professional Window Cleaners Can Handle Everything From Regular Maintenance To Deep Cleanings

Your windows are just another part of your property that needs some tender loving care – and it can be challenging to reach more tricky areas with a traditional ladder.

A professional window cleaner knows just how to get every nook and cranny clean without putting themselves in any danger.

They will also know the best way to clean your window screens, which you might struggle with when you’re trying to keep every inch of your property in peak condition.

6. Professional Window Cleaners Will Leave Your Windows Spotless

You might be tempted to use a sponge or the old “water, soap, and newspaper” method for cleaning your windows occasionally – but they won’t look nearly as good as they would if a professional was sent out.

You can leave your windows looking like they’ve just been installed or give them a quick squeegee to remove any streaks.

7. Professional Window Cleaners Will Clean The Window Frames Too

It’s easy for you to forget about washing your window frames when you’re dedicated to keeping your glass sparkling – after all, it takes extra time and effort to get into all of those nooks and crannies.

A window cleaner will take the time to get these areas so clean you’ll think they were freshly painted.

8. Professional Window Cleaners Are Insured – In Case Anything Goes Wrong

Even with all of these training and safety precautions, accidents can happen – that’s why they’re fully insured. If anything should happen to you or your property during the window cleaning process, they’ll be able to compensate you for any damages.

It will put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on getting your windows sparkling clean – without having to worry about what could go wrong if a professional is brought in.

9. Professional Window Cleaners Provide Online Reviews

Local window cleaners are not the only ones who will help you decide which service to use – past customers can tell you everything they know about their experience.

These reviews will give you the inside scoop on how well a company works, what kind of equipment they use, and even whether or not they were communicative throughout the whole process.

It will allow you to choose a professional that fits your style and needs.


You put the time and effort into making your home or business window shine, but there is only so much one person can do when cleaning windows.

That’s why we offer a professional window cleaning service for any residential or commercial property owner who needs help with this task.

At Wipe It Downwindow cleaning service Toronto, All of our employees are insured, bonded, and licensed professionals who will ensure you get a spotless result on every job they work.

If you need someone reliable to clean your windows without all the hassle involved in doing it yourself, give us a call today!

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