The Defense housing scheme’s latest project is being developed in the beautiful city of Quetta. DHA Quetta will be the first real estate project that will be developed in the city, so there are high expectations from this project. The development and construction updates of this project are updated on the website regularly. If investors are interested in purchasing land, they will have to come to the main office in Quetta in order to save themselves from being a victim of fraud. 

Current Property Possession Status

       The process of purchasing land in this housing scheme is rapidly progressing. Even though the roadblocks haven’t delayed the process of purchasing plots, it is not apparent how much funding has been spent. Since this project is the first of its kind being developed in the city, it is not certain when the plot balloting processes will be announced.  

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What is the location of this housing scheme?

         This housing society is situated in close vicinity to the Quetta International Airport, about 7 kilometers, and is located on the RCD Quetta Highway. The society’s prime location near the airport is what’s making investors make their investments in the project. The housing society is also located in close proximity to the city’s two most famous picnic spots; Urak and Hanna. The main city center is also located at a distance of only 16 kilometers from the housing scheme. Read more about blue world city Islamabad.

Why is this project Attracting the realtors?

         The main reason why so many real estate investors are making numerous investments in this housing scheme is its location. The project is located close to the airport and is also a vantage position for the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor. Due to the city being linked to the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, it makes it a favorable location for real estate investors to invest their money in. Even though plots have not been assigned yet, the return rate of these plots is predicted to be very high.  Read more about kingdom valley.

       Because not a lot of people are aware of what the market value of residential plots in the city is, they tend to make investments in real estate developments in Karachi. The reason why real estate investors are making investments in the city of lights instead of Quetta is because of the lack of high-profile or well-known real estate housing schemes. With the development of the new housing project by DHA, the real estate investors will finally have an investment opportunity worth their while and money as a high return profit is expected from all the plots. 

         This project will also produce several job opportunities with progress in development. This will influence the economy and business of the country in a positive light. Realtors would gain a lot of benefit from this economic development as this project would encourage other private contractors to develop more communities in Quetta. 

         Karachi is a prime example of this. There are over 200 real estate agencies involved in various mega housing schemes in the city. With more projects launching in Quetta, it will provide jobs to realtors as well as laborers. 

High Return Profit 

           The reason why the market value of plots is high in the city is that it’s the capital of Baluchistan. Even though the market value of the plots is worse than ever in the city right now, the prices are expected to increase in the next few years.  Read more about blue world city payment plan.

            With the development of the society, the market value of the plots is expected to increase, so right now is the best time to invest in the society before prices increase. Due to being the capital of the province, the city’s market value for the real estate property is higher than the rest of the province.  it is currently estimated that plot files for DHA Quetta will be sold for around 45-50 lacs and this rate will increase with time. 

         The location and the promise of a high profit return on the plots are some of the reasons why investors are investing large sums of money in the DHA Quetta project 

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