Bike trips are perhaps the best way to explore nature. Unlike car owners, bikers truly get to come in touch with the nature they explore. Bike riders are also not restricted by speed like trekkers. But several bikers have had to halt their exploration goals for almost two years. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, several bike races and events had to be canceled or postponed.

Thankfully, these biking events and activities are now back. Thousands of bikers across the country are preparing to go on long bike trips. Of course, these are exciting advancements for all bikers. But, they must not forget that long bike rides come with various challenges and risks. For example, horrible weather conditions are a major challenge all bikers have to deal with.

There’s a simple tool for bikers who want to avoid these risks – the vinyl tarp. These versatile and inexpensive tools can be a biker’s best friend on long bike trips. Tarps are light easy to store and carry. But, how can they be used by bikers when they’re on the road? Here’s how –

  • Create Temporary Shelters: Anything can happen on long bike trips. You can find yourself without fuel, on a desolate stretch of land, and with no phone signals. How can anyone survive in such conditions? By creating temporary shelters with tarps. Tarps are very flexible and durable tools. They can be easily used to create small but protective tent-like structures. Vinyl tarps are also sun and water-resistant. Shelters made of these tarps can keep people safe and warm, irrespective of the outdoor conditions.
  • Protect the Bike: If you’re going on a week-long bike trip, you’ll have to park your bike several times on the road. Why park it under direct sunlight? Cover it with a heavy-duty tarp every time you park it. A tarp-covered bike is also less prone to theft risks. Plus, if your bike ever gets towed, you can cover it with your tarp to give it more protection.
  • Shade from the Sun: On long summer days, bikers can easily suffer from heat exhaustion. The direct sun rays may heat up their backs, jackets, or helmets. Wrapping a heat-resistant tarp around your body can give you a lot of relief in such circumstances. Traveling with a tarp is like traveling with your own shady spot everywhere. Even if you’re in of a desert, you’ll have some shade in the form of your UV-resistant tarp.
  • Protection from the Cold: Driving bikes at night can get awfully cold. Typically, bikers wear insulated jackets and warm clothes to beat the cold. But, what happens when even those pieces of clothing are unable to keep you warm. If you’re riding with a tarp, you can wrap it around your body. Tarps can also serve as warm, cozy blankets inside cold tents or hotels.

Tarps are helpful to bikers in the most unexpected ways. Plus, they can be rolled up and stuffed inside a backpack. That’s why bikers going on long rides must consider carrying high-quality, waterproof tarps in their backpacks.

By Manali