Zoom meetings are an excellent way to work remotely with colleagues and clients. There are plenty of benefits to a zoom meeting, such as the ability to share screens, multiple video feeds on a single call, and a simultaneous audio call. However, if you need to record your zoom meeting for later review or archiving purposes, it can be difficult.

This post will teach you how to use screen recorder like iTop to record your Zoom meetings by showing you four different ways to set up recording.

Zoom Meetings and the Benefits of Recording

There are some benefits of recording your Zoom meeting to make it easier to review later on or even just as a backup in case the connection drops out. There are four ways that you can record your Zoom meeting:

– Using iTop online screen recorder

– Recording with the Screen Recorder Extension

– Recording within the Zoom App

– Running your own screen recorder software

Screen Recorder Options

There are four ways to record your zoom meeting with screen recording software, including:

* Recording a copy of the screen (full screen, specific window, or browser)

* Recording from a webcam

* Recording sound from your microphone

* Recording both sound and video with iTop screen recorder

Recording Audio Only

The first way to record your Zoom meeting is to record the audio-only. You will need to download and install iTop on your computer. Once you have iTop screen recorder downloaded and installed, open it up and click “File” > “New Recording.”

Now that you’re in the recording screen, make sure your microphone is selected from the drop-down menu. The next thing you’ll need to do is select “Audio Playback Device” from the drop-down menu and set it as “Monitor Speakers.” This will capture all sound coming from your computer’s speakers.

The last step is to start recording! To do so, click on “Record,” which will bring up a timer for 10 seconds. When you are ready click on “Start Recording.” Now every time you have a Zoom meeting, make sure you have your microphone plugged in and click “Record” in iTop before starting your Zoom call.

Recording Video only

This is the easiest way to record your Zoom meeting. First, you will need to download and install iTop on your computer. Then, open up your video conferencing software and sign in to your Zoom meeting. Next, start recording in iTop from the file menu by selecting “New Recording”. Once you have started recording with iTop, click the “Start Recording” button in Zoom to start recording simultaneously on both programs. And that’s it! You are now successfully recording your zoom meeting without having to worry about audio sync issues- which can be a problem with other methods of recording.


There are a lot of reasons why you might want how to record zoom meeting. Maybe you want to record a presentation for future reference, or maybe you need to send a video to an associate who couldn’t attend the meeting. Whatever your reason, iTop is a great tool for recording Zoom meetings because it’s free and easy to use. You can also use it to record audio only, record video only, or even record a single window in your Zoom meeting. Now that you know how to record Zoom meetings, it should be easier than ever to accomplish your recording needs.

By Manali