Pakistan Super League is one of the best cricket leagues in the World after the Indian Premier League. A lot of international players and top-class umpires participate in this league which is going to start its 7th edition on the 27th of January.

You can watch PSL live streaming on many websites and mobile applications. If you are a cricket lover, you would definitely love the quality of cricket and especially the bowling quality in this tournament.

Most Matches as an Umpire in PSL

Here in this article, I am going to list down the top 5 umpires who have participated in most matches of the Pakistan Super League from 2016 which was the first edition of PSL to PSL 2021 which was the 6th edition of HBL PSL.

So, without wasting more time of yours, let’s start talking about the umpires of PSL:

Aleem Dar

Every cricket lover loves Aleem Dar as well as an umpire. He is a renowned umpire worldwide from Pakistan who has a lot of records on his name. More than 99% of his decisions are correct even after getting reviews.

He does not only stand in most matches as an umpire in PSL, but he is also an umpire who stands on the ground for most one-day internationals and most test matches.

Aleem Dar stands on the ground as an umpire in the Pakistan Super League in 60 matches. Aleem Dar had done umpiring in 136 matches which is more than any other umpire in the world and in 211 one-day international matches. Again, these are more matches as an umpire than any other umpire in the world.

Shozab Raza

Another great umpire from Pakistan is Shozab Raza. Though he hasn’t appeared in many international matches, he is the second umpire who participated in PSL as most matches in PSL as umpire.

In Pakistan Super League, Shozab Raza stands in 55 matches as an umpire on the ground. Other than PSL, he stands as an umpire (TV Umpire) in 1 test match, 24 ODIs, and 37 T20 international matches.

By the way, if you want to know who made most runs in PSL, then it is none other than the great Babar Azam. Here you can check Babar Azam PSL career in detail.

Rashid Riaz

On the list of most matches as an umpire in PSL, Rashid Riaz is at number 3. He appeared in 43 matches as a field umpire in Pakistan Super League. Rashid Riaz’s record as an umpire is also good.

He is also an international umpire who participated in 2 one day internationals and 20 T20 internationals as an on-field umpire.

Rashid Riaz is also from Pakistan.

REJ Martinesz

This time, not a Pakistani umpire, but an umpire from Sri Lanka is on the list of most matches as an umpire in Pakistan Super League. REJ Martinesz is a Sri Lankan umpire who is known for his good umpiring on an international level.

He participated in 41 matches as an umpire in the Pakistan Super League. Whereas he participated in 8 test matches, 46 one-day international matches, and 29 T20 international matches as an on-field umpire.

Final Words

I hope you like the information that I have provided in this article. If you also like to watch Pakistan Super League as a cricket lover, then use the comment section below; and let us know who your favorite umpire in PSL is?

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