Unlike many other sports, swimming can be enjoyed by people of all ages, regardless of current level, i.e. whether they are beginners or performing.

Even if you did not learn to swim as a child, it is never too late to get acquainted with this sport and enjoy the real, proven benefits of swimming.

Doctors and psychologists who have studied the effects of swimming say that this sport is perfect for supporting physical and mental health with  lifeguard training. Swimming is a sport with a low impact on muscles and joints , offering more endurance to the body than exercises on land.

If, however, you need more arguments before you decide to come to the pool or give your child a swimming lesson, find out 10 hidden benefits, of which there is very little talk, of swimming.

10 hidden benefits of swimming

1. Swimming improves well-being in the community

Swimming is, to a large extent, a social sport . Swimmers of all ages learn to swim together, do group workouts, or learn from a coach in individual sessions. And those who have a pool at home know very well that this is the place where they gather with friends and family. A study by the University of Minnesota, USA, found that physical exercise done in parallel with socialization leads to improved mental health . The more than 14,800 students in the study had a lower level of anxiety and depression than their peers.

2. Swimming teaches you to be goal-oriented

People who swim become goal-oriented in both personal and professional life. Swimming gives children and adults a motivation to work hard . Whether it’s catching an object in the pool, improving the length of a pool length or recovering from an injury, setting goals and achieving them is key . Once they develop this skill in the pool, swimmers will use it in their daily lives.

3. Children who swim become active adults

Swimming is an important activity to reduce the rate of obesity among children , while being fun! Swimming gives children the skills and dedication to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when they become adults.

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4. Swimming increases intelligence

This is very good not only in the classroom and at work, but also for each of us as we get older. Regular exercise reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain , which promotes the growth of new brain cells.

5. Swimming teaches us to work effectively as a team

People who swim in teams or take group swimming lessons have better teamwork skills. All of these skills translate into good leaders in adulthood. Team building skills encourage collaboration, goal orientation, inspiration, strategy thinking and coordination, skills that have positive effects in building successful careers .

6. Swimming burns more calories than running

If we compare swimming with running, you can burn more calories by swimming around the pool than by running around it in the same amount of time. An hour of sustained swimming can burn up to 715 calories. In the same time frame, a person running at 5 km / h burns only 606 calories.

7. Swimming slows down aging

There is no secret pill to prolong life. However, the pool is like a fountain of youth. In addition, swimming can improve strength and physical balance in the elderly. Elderly people with joint pain may come to the pelvis to increase joint flexibility and reduce joint inflammation.

8. Swimming is good for people with asthma

Swimming is an excellent activity for people suffering from chronic lung conditions, such as asthma. Asthma sufferers, especially those with sports-induced asthma, may experience problems because the loss of heat and moisture in the bronchial tubes causes the tubes to contract. This happens when the outside air is dry and / or cold.

9. Swimmers have more self-confidence

Swimming is a sport that increases the self-confidence of those who practice it.  This also applies to competitive and non-competitive adult swimmers.

Swimming is one of the best sports because it requires minimal equipment! All you need to swim in the pool is a swimsuit, goggles, a swimming helmet, slippers and a towel.

You can always start swimming, having fun and enjoying all the benefits of this sport for your life, health and well-being!

By Manali

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