If you are someone who keeps himself up to date with the latest updates regarding tech news, then you will know that Google install referrer mechanism isn’t anything new. What is new that recently Facebook has decided to embrace the Google install referrer mechanism going forward. This announcement came after the news that the Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) will be deprecated starting from 29th of October, 2021. This means that anyone that signed the AMM agreement with Facebook (which is completely optional) for the purpose of measuring device level Facebook ads data will be affected to some degree. This article will give a brief explanation of the Facebook install referrer.

Google install referrer and how it works?

Google install referrer is a technology that allows measurement regarding clicks on a Google Play Store app page to the correlating app download. This technology is built specifically for Android devices. The install referrer framework is designed to send a unique code string to the Google Play store in response to an ad click. The MMP acquires an install referrer value (after the said app is installed) which can then be matched to the original code string or referrer which was received during the ad click.

The entire process will work in a similar level with the Facebook app. The Facebook install referrer will be the new way for advertisers to collect device level conversion data for Facebook ads on the Android devices.

Facebook install referrer and how it works?

            The Facebook install referrer consists of following steps:

  • A device user will click on a Facebook ad and will be directed to the app page in the Google Play Store.
  • The directed device user will then proceed to download the Facebook app from the Google Play Store.
  • The branch SDK will be initialized and Google Play Store install referrer API will come into action by decrypting the encrypted data using the decryption key provided by the Facebook advertiser.
  • The rest of the process will be quite similar to the one mentioned in the Google install referrer section.


          There are certain data limitations of the Facebook install referrer that users should be aware of. First of all there will be no support for any iOS devices and there are no other equivalents to this mechanism for iOS users yet. Due to the aforementioned deprecation of the AMM program by Facebook, any user level data for iOS will be limited. This means that MMP will not be able to share any data with any third parties despite having full access to Facebook’s iOS user level attribution data. Other certain limitations include this data not being available for view through conversions or impressions. It has also been mentioned that any Android installs that will done through other app stores (like Galaxy Apps or Amazon Appstore) will also be excluded from this policy.


          In short, moving forward Facebook install referrer will be the primary means for advertisers to collect device level conversion data on Android for Facebook ads.

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