Have you heard about alcohol addiction? What do you feel about people who are addicted to alcohol? Lately, there has been an increased percentage of people who are addicted to alcohol. Alcohol intake is not considered to be a bad thing but the abuse of it is something that is dangerous to the human system and that is why they kick against excessive intake of it.

Alcohol addiction can be caused by various things, which we will see in this article. You can check out AA meetings in Rochester, NY for more on this.

Causes Of Alcohol Addiction

Genetic history

If you find a person addicted to alcohol without any noticeable occurrence that might be making him drink then it could be a genetic trait. Research has shown that people can become addicted to alcohol if they had a family member who was once addicted to it. This is something serious because no one would really know the reason the person is taking alcohol, but it just happens that the person drinks.

Peer pressure

This could be called a social vice. A person can get addicted to alcohol because he sees his friends taking it or deriving some kind of pleasure from it. He/she can start by taking small shots and then graduate to taking it more often and in larger quantities. Before you know it, it’s already turned out to be something the individual cannot do without. Now, addiction has come into the picture because the person cannot do without taking it.

Early drinking

This could be one of the ways people get addicted to drinking. You find out some people start drinking at early ages of their teenage hood. This could be really dangerous because if they do not find someone who would correct them and take them on the right path, it could turn out to become an addiction. Something you do consistently will become a part of you, and it would be hard to stay away from it at that point.

Psychological conditions

This is known to be the major cause of alcohol addiction. Some people battle depression, and because they are not able to access a therapist at that time, they might resort to drinking, which could be very bad for them. The reason is that nothing at that point would make any sense to them aside from the alcohol they are drinking. If you find someone battling some kind of addiction, it is best that you get a therapist for the person to avoid the worst scenarios.

Traumatic experiences

This could be likened to a psychological condition, too, because it has to do with how a person reasons. Many people go through stuff, ranging from heartbreak to losing a loved one, bad grades in school, low self-esteem, and so many others. All of these can make a person get addicted to taking alcohol. At that point, alcohol is the only way they can run away from their reality.

Improved energy towards work done.

Some people believe that once they take alcohol, they will be able to respond to their work activities faster. This sounds weird, but it could be a major cause of addictions. They believed that by taking alcohol, their brain functions would improve, and they could get their jobs done effectively.

Conclusively, alcohol addiction seems to be a major issue associated with youths. Some of these youths want to come out of it but are scared to open up to people. That is why communities like Alcoholics Anonymous have taken it upon themselves to ensure that they fight alcohol addiction.

By Manali