Surrogacy has given hope to the dreams of childless couples, gay parents, or single parents. With the help of Gestational Surrogacy, they are hopeful of becoming parents and also genetically related to the baby. Gestational surrogacy is achieved when an embryo created in the lab through In Vitro Fertilization is implanted in a woman’s uterus who agrees to carry the embryo under a legal contract. Gestational surrogacy involves a complex medical, legal and financial process that can be handled well under one roof by a team of people who have gained expertise in this field. These are ,Surrogacy Agencies that provide all the assistance, support and help required by the intended parents and the Surrogates or Donors.

The gestational surrogate process involves many steps that need to be entirely understood by the woman who will be a surrogate to become aware of the potential risks involved in the process.

The process begins when any Intended or Potential Parent(s) decides to approach a surrogacy agency to gain information regarding the same. The agency counsels the couple and shares all the necessary information regarding the same.

The next step to follow the intended parents is to register oneself by signing with the agency. In such cases, one must mention here that familial support plays a significant role as the couple needs their near and dear one’s approval or understand this crucial decision of their life.

Next is the stage of choosing a Surrogate. These surrogates or donors have to undergo psychological screening before being selected by the agency. Once chosen by the potential parent, they have to go through several medical tests to ensure that they enjoy good physical and mental health. Their social, academic, and even financial backgrounds are thoroughly examined. The agency may have a database that can make things easier for one to select.

Next is the stage to get the legal contract or agreement drafted and signed. The agency’s legal team does this job. This is done by the attorney who represents your case while the other signatory has a separate attorney. Since this contract is of utmost importance, it has to be drafted with extreme caution so that the clients’ interests are not violated in any manner.

The next step involves medical examinations to be conducted by the fertility clinic for the surrogate and the intended parents to ensure that they are healthy enough to go through the process of IVF.

The process of IVF begins under the able guidance and supervision of the specialists. It may take time before one achieves pregnancy. It is only after the birth of the baby that the attorneys complete all the necessary legal documentation, and finally, it is time to take the baby home.

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