Ever dreamed of camping off-grid? Maybe you’ve always stayed at campgrounds, but you’ve always wondered what it would be like to really rough it. If so, this article is for you.

Did you know that you can use solar panels when you go camping, and that they can provide plenty of power for all your needs? If you’ve ever felt stuck in campgrounds and want more freedom, consider using solar power.

People like to use solar panels for RVs, because they get unprecedented freedom and the ability to explore some of the most beautiful areas in the world. With solar power, you can have true independence.

So how do you choose the right solar panels for you? Here’s a quick introduction to solar for camping, with everything you need to know.

Types of Solar Panels

First, there are rooftop panels. Rooftop solar panels are usually permanently or semi-permanently installed on an RV roof. They typically come in a stiff frame that gets bolted down so it doesn’t move.

They also take up a lot of area because of their frames. You will have to wire this type of panel into your RV. So, unless you know how to do this already, you’ll need to hire Cowley electrician Batemans Bay or someone with experience to do it for you.

Next, there are portable panels. Unlike rooftop panels, portable solar panels tend to be smaller and may come folded together with other panels. You can find portables sized for backpacks or briefcase-sized.

This means they’re great for setting up on the ground in your campsite or hanging off your backpack while you hike. When it comes to RVs, they save storage and installation space, and you can charge them while you stay cool under the trees.

Benefits of Using Solar Panels for Camping

As long as you have sunshine, you can go on adventures anywhere in your RV without running out of lights or power for your appliances. Most RVers have to go from campground to campground so they can use the electrical hookups. With solar power, you can camp on public lands completely legally, and enjoy the great outdoors without limitations.

Other benefits include saving on electric fees even if you do decide to stay in campgrounds. This means you’ll save on electrical fees, but still be able to enjoy all the campground amenities.

Another benefit is that you’ll be using clean power. Solar will shrink your footprint in the environment, while also helping you get further out into nature.

For more solar tips, go solar with Blue Raven, where you can find out more about portable solar power for RVs. 

The Best Solar Panels for RVs

If you’ve never tried using renewable energy when you camo, give it a try. Many campers have already found success with solar panels for RVs, so do some research and see how to make them work for your exploration goals.

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