Your home’s exterior color scheme needs to complement its architectural style. The ideal exterior paint colors for homes should express the owner’s style and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. 

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Choose one, two, or a maximum of three exterior colors for your home. Choose exterior color schemes that are not just appealing but also decent. Use various tints of the same color if you want to stick with only one to prevent your house appearance from being monotonous. 

Here are some of the best exterior paint color schemes for your house:

  • Beige 

The color beige exudes a serene, vintage attraction. Be careful while selecting the beige color for the exterior of your house to match the home’s architectural style. Beige can be combined with a variety of external colors and design elements for home outdoors. The warm wooden tones of the windows and entrance merge wonderfully with the light beige exterior of a decent house design.

  • Brown and Cream 

This is the best color scheme for painting the exterior of a house. Dark brown blends seamlessly with the external paint setup in cream. Brown is a practical color that represents stability and support and complements cream beautifully. Depending on the type of property, choose chocolate brown, honey brown, or walnut brown for the exterior color of your house. This warm neutral pair feels cozy and grounded, making it one of the greatest exterior paint combinations for the outside walls of a house. 

  • Blue and White 

The ideal color combination for home outdoors is blue shades with white since they blend so well. The most calming color, indigo, is cool and known for lowering stress levels and instilling a sense of tranquility. Excellent exterior color combinations for homes include white and various shades of blue, particularly for a bungalow or cottage-style homes.

  • Brown and Yellow 

This is one of the best color schemes for painting the exterior of a house. The home roof, window frames, door, and front porch area can all be painted a soothing yellow color to completely complement the exterior paint scheme. The house can be made to appear brighter from the outside by adding even a small amount of yellow. Such exterior painting color schemes are better suited for the cottage design, which is picture-perfect when paired with a modest garden.

  • Cream and Red 

These exterior paint color choices are perfect for residence exteriors. Traditional red tiles with huge wooden windows and pillars can be combined with classic cream walls. External home paint designs with red and cream appear nice, especially when the cream is coupled with exposed brick walls. For home exteriors designed in industrial layouts, you can also apply red and cream house paint color combinations. Use a moderate amount of reddish maroon as the exterior color to highlight the exterior features of the home and increase its appeal. 

  • Orange, White, and Gray 

This is a wonderful color combination for a home exterior. These contemporary house exterior color schemes appear understated yet powerful and add to the home’s airy feel. The orange color can be added in a little amount to the exteriors of houses painted in white color. Orange is ideally paired with the gray color because it exudes warmth and joy. This trio of colors (neutral gray and white with a touch of orange) creates a cohesive outdoor color scheme for exterior house walls.

By Manali