Your doors are more than just entryways to your home. They’re the first thing a visitor, or potential buyer sees when they arrive to enter. Your front door speaks volumes about your sense of style. It can add or detract from the ambience of your home.

Doors are also made for security, keeping your family safely inside and animals and intruders outside where they belong.

With so many things to consider while selecting a door, Empire Construction Group has compiled a list of 5 tips to help you along the way.

1. Material Matters

The materials you choose for your door make more than a physical statement – they also dictate how easily your doors will be to clean, maintain and eventually, replace. The most common materials used in Kansas doors include:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Mesh
  • Fiberglass

The material you choose should take into consideration insulation, climate, durability, and appearance. Many Kansas homeowners choose a combination of wood and glass, including some form of stormproof window for visibility purposes. You may also opt for a screen door alongside your main door. Or go with a luxury aesthetic with sliding glass doors.

The purpose of your door may also impact your material choices. For example, if you are selecting doors for your back patio, you may consider sliding glass or French doors. Back doors often differ from front doors as they are less accessible to the outside world.

2. Size is More Than a Number

The size of your door should be dictated by the size of your home. Doorframes can be broadened, but you don’t want your door to completely dominate the front of your home.

If you have a large home, you may want to make a statement with a double door, or a taller than average door. If you have a small home, a large door will detract from the aesthetic and look clunky.

Work with your designer to determine the best size door for your house and purposes.

3. Consider Climate

Climate is a big deal in terms of door selection. Kansas experiences four distinct seasons, which means you want to be able to enjoy everything from summer to winter temperatures, all the while protecting your home from the loss of heat, or weather damage.

Even choosing sliding glass doors for your backyard should be impacted by local weather. Be sure to select glass that will stand up to high winds and potential hail in the winter.

4. Security is Key

There’s a reason all external doors have locks – they’re there to keep you safe. Security is a key element in door selection. Even with your internal doors, you may want to think about locking and ease of access when you choose frames and door models.

5. Style it Your Way

Finally, your front door is an extension of your home, which is an extension of yourself. Be sure to include your own taste and style in your door selection. Rather than opting for the cheapest model you can find, do a bit of research into the many finishes, window settings, and knob styles in your area.

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