carbon fiber tubes

What is carbon fiber tube??

Carbon fiber tubes have numberless uses in our daily life. There are many uses of carbon fiber tubes in many applications such as aerospace, RC planes, and in many other applications. The most commonly used raw material for carbon fiber tubes is polyacrylonitrile. The graphite fiber tubes are Used in tactical ladders, trusses, beams and in many other applications. These tubes are very useful for us in our daily work.

Uses of carbon fiber tubes:

There are many uses of graphite fiber tubes but their main uses are discussed below:

  • Robotics and automation
  • Telescoping poles
  • Metrology instrumentations
  • Idler rollers
  • Drone components
  • Telescopes
  • Light weight drum
  • Industrial machinery
  • Guitar necks
  • Aerospace applications
  • Formula 1 race car components
  • Music technology
  • Unmanned vehicle
  • Radar systems

and in many other applications.

Carbon fiber tubes have following characteristics:

There are many characteristics of carbon fiber tubes, some of these are described below:

  • These tubes have high tensile strength and high stiffness. Now these tubes are used instead of aluminium fiber tubes and platinum fiber tubes.
  • The weight of these tubes is less, because of its light weight these tubes are used in most applications. The weight of carbon fiber tubes is three times less than that of aluminium.

What is meant by custom carbon fiber tubes?

There are different sizes and different shapes of carbon fiber tubes are available. Their size ranges from 4 inches to 42 inches. But you can also order these graphite fiber tubes according to the size and style you want. There are many companies that provide customized carbon fiber tubes. Customized carbon fiber tubes mean that you can order these tubes according to your requirement. Here we have described complete detail of a company that provides custom carbon fiber tubes.

Element 6 composites  has supplied carbon fiber  tubes to its customers according to their choice. The size range of carbon fiber tubes is from 4 inches to 40 inches. That’s mean you can order these tubes according to your requirement. The maximum size range that you can order is 48 inches, you can’t order tubes greater than this size. They give you free hand to choose that which shape and size of carbon fiber tubes you want. And they can cut the tube into required size.

Here are some steps that can help you in deciding that which type of fiber tubes you want.

Step 1:  You should select the length of the tube you want.

step 2: We should select that how much  inner and outer diameter you need.

Step 3:  Firstly you should see all the mandrels available, then select the one according to your choice.

How you can buy carbon fiber round tube??

The round carbon fiber tubes are best for making light weight structures and frames of buildings, tubular vessels, poles, column supports and for many other. If you want to buy carbon fiber round tube then you must mention the following things:

  • ID, OD, length, dimensional tolerances, quality, structural requirement, surface finish, surface pattern, material.
  • You should tell ID and OD to them, tell them that how many length you want, which quality of carbon fiber tube you want. And you should also tell them the structural requirement and type of the surface finish you want. Also tell them the material you need for your carbon fiber tube.

These guidelines can help you in buying carbon fiber round tubes according to your requirement.

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