Twitter, the micro-blogging platform is all set to launch Twitter Blue, a new set of features that will be available for paid users. For the uninitiated, the Twitter Blue subscription is no way related to Twitter’s ‘Blue Tick’. And it’s not like you can pay Twitter to get the verified badge. Although, no official statement has come from Twitter about its Blue subscription but interestingly it has already started appearing on the Apple App Store.

More about Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is The Latest Feature from Twitter: What is it?

This is not a new experiment as some time back, the widely popular video streaming platform YouTube monetized a basic but essential feature that allowed people to play music by turning off the screen by subscribing to YouTube Premium? Twitter is just following this successful model. They have a plan to monetize their much-in-demand features with Twitter Blue that will likely improve the overall user experience. In fact, Indian social media apps and other social media apps are too taking cues from YouTube and adding innovative features to attract users. Connected India is a good example of this thought process since being a social app they were under no obligation to introduce a counseling service for users. But they did as a matter of fact because they considered it crucial for a social networking site.

Extra Features you will get with Twitter Blue

  • Undoing your tweet faster.
  • Collecting your favourite tweets to create a folder.
  • ‘Reader Mode’ option available for long threads.
  • Different colour option for Twitter icon and colour theme.
  • What you don’t get with Twitter Blue
  • You won’t get “Edit Tweet’ button.
  • It’ll keep showing you ads and promoted tweets.
  • By subscribing to Twitter Blue, you don’t get entitled to the verified ‘Blue Tick’ badge.

How much will it cost you?

For Indian users, the subscription charges for Twitter Blue will be Rs 269 per month. The subscription will give you the ability to Undo a tweet, bookmark folders and offer a ‘Reader Mode’ to help you read long threads clearly. However, what is still not clear is whether Twitter will offer the ‘Edit Tweet’ button or not.

You are all set to get a better user experience with Twitter Blue. For instance, you will be allowed to collect tweets and organise them in a folder. And if you don’t find the current design of app attractive, there is more good news for you. You also get the option to change the colour of the Twitter icon along with customised colour theme. So far, Twitter hasn’t revealed whether subscription of Twitter Blue will also facilitate removal of ads and promoted tweets from subscriber’s timeline or not.

Twitter will also likely introduce, ‘Super Follow’ paid button on the profiles of its user. The Super Follow button in all probability will appear in two designs, either as a small, circular button or a big one. Twitter is also reportedly planning to show a cash button for tipping, a feature that’s been named Tip Jar.23.

Unique Features of Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue which is a paid subscription service will offer some exclusive features to the users. The subscribers of this feature will be allowed to customize the app as per their tastes and requirements.

Twitter will offer users various colour themes and custom app icons. They will be allowed to choose from colours themes such as Red, Yellow, Purple, and many others. Together with the theme, users will also get the option to change their app icon to Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, and more colour options.

Besides, Twitter Blue users can also undo their tweets faster than a normal user. Users will be allowed to create different collections of their favourite tweets. On top of everything, users will get a Read Mode which will arrange the long threads into readable format.

The company has a plan to introduce Twitter Blue with different subscription plans. Those who buy the higher subscription plans will be able to access more features that obviously work on the marketing principles of “more the merrier.”

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