How can we enjoy out sexuality and life but also get rid of the sexually tramsmitted diseases?  there’s no running away from the fact that people are changing their sexual partners drastically.seldom will you come across an individual who has a single partner. Today, the idea of exciting sex has led people to consider various physical pursuits. But, the chances of getting infected with various diseases is always high. In this blog, we will shed light on the top tips to have safe sex:

  • Always Use a Condom

If you have planned to have sex with your partner, we recommend yoy to keep a condom of your  own. because people forget buying such stuff in the heat of the moment, it is best to bring your own condom. We recommend you to bring your own condom and never depend on anyone else. After all, nobody wants to get stuck with a sexual disease. today, there has been a shocking increase in HIV and STDs, which is why it is important to have a condom. 

  • Create Basic Limits

Today, the idea of sex has crossed all barriers. Secondly, with porn on TikTok being all over the place, people are expereicing different things in sex. We recommend you to be wise enough when getting in some romantic time with your partner. So it is best to create some basic limits because it will restrain you from indulging in something that is unhealthy. And, talk to your partner about setting priorities for sex. And, if this isn’t resolved, it will be hard to rest assured about everything. 

  • Play Safe Sex

Never use sex machines to have this experience. Especially if you are skeptical that your partner has been going through seveal such insances, it is best to avoid sex toys.  As a result, HIV prevention can easily be achieved when you are clean with sexual acivities. Safe sex is the need of the hour , since it is good for your long term health. and, if you fail to pracise it , now is the best time to build perspective on safe sex. 

  • Don’t Rush into Everything

Even if you have wanted to achieve a sexually gratifying experience, we recommend you to not rush into everything. Today, being safe and secure with everything is the need of the hour. And, if you rush into everything, you might end up hurting the other person. take things slow nd enjoy yhe beauty of sex. We recommend you to be mindful about your partner’s health too. After all, they have to be physically safe as well. 

  • Avoid Getting Drunk

Never have sex after gatting drunk. As it will only ruin the overall experience. And, if you’re high, you might get stuck with negative thoughts. So we recommend you to not get drunk and focus on what can be done. now is the bes time to avoid getting druk, so you can have an amazing sexual experience. People who get high, have lower chances of having an exciting experience of sex. 

By Manali