The term covers most motor vehicle components, such as engines and bodies, but excludes tires, batteries, and fuel. Vehicles in the industry include passenger cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs. Although important to the industry, commercial vehicles (such as delivery trucks and large transport trucks) are secondary. Based on our research we have listed the top automotive industry trends for 2022 to help you understand the industry better.

Following are a few of the most top automotive industry trends for 2022:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market: As safety features and comfort requirements rise, the ADAS market is growing. Stricter safety regulations may also increase the market growth. ADAS prices are high, the technology is complex, and it performs poorly in bad weather. ADAS market leaders have a great deal of potential growth with the rise of advanced driver assistance systems and multifunctional systems.

Advanced Tires Market: A rise in automobile production and stricter regulations concerning vehicular emissions will spur the market for advanced tires. As well, the concerns regarding fuel efficiency and safety of automobiles provide a remarkable growth opportunity to players operating in the market.

Agriculture Tires Market: Farmers are focusing on improving productivity, which has a positive effect on tire sales. Market growth is also driven by precision farming and advanced logistics, transportation, storage, and processing facilities.

Aircraft Evacuation Market: Despite the short lifespan of aircraft evacuation systems, the market has shown slow growth. Every three to four years, these systems need to be replaced or retrofitted. As a result, manufacturers limit their purchases of advanced aircraft evacuation systems, negatively affecting the market.

Automotive 3D Printing Market: In the automotive 3D printing market, drivers include the production of customized parts, a reduction in human error, a reduction in cost and production time, and higher resolution.

Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market: Consumer demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise due to increasing environmental concerns. A rise in battery sales of EVs and batteries procured from second-life sources will also result in EVB recycling companies increasing their recycling capacity. Electric vehicle battery recycling is expected to grow due to all these factors

Tractor Implements Market: Farmers are increasingly using new and mechanized techniques for farming in countries, increasing support for irrigation & crop protection, and growing availability of different types of machinery for harvesting, plowing, and sowing are just some of the factors that will likely enhance the market growth for tractor implements.

Emission Control Technology Market: The adoption of nanotechnology in catalytic converters is expected to drive the growth of the emission control technology market. Furthermore, innovations in emission control catalysts and government initiatives aimed at reducing emissions in developing nations hold significant growth potential for players operating in the emission control technology market.

Automotive Steering Wheel Switch Market: With rising road safety concerns, increased adoption of automation, and a rising standard of living, the global automotive steering wheel switch market is being driven by a rise in the usage of automatic steering wheels. Rapid technological advancements in the automotive industry also contribute to this growth.

Autonomous Tractors Market: Farmers benefit from autonomous tractors in many ways. Increased productivity and accuracy lead to better-quality crops and higher profits. Moreover, autonomous tractors enable farmers to work for longer periods while increasing productivity. In addition, auto-steering makes farming more reliable, which will in turn increase demand for autonomous tractors.

Automotive Software Market: In addition to the growing adoption of connected car services, new technologies that provide a better user experience, the adoption of vehicle electronics requiring an operating system as a requirement for their use, the increasing demand for connected car services, and investment in new technologies and autonomous vehicles are also accelerating the market.

Smart Parking Market: Demand for smart parking is driven by the increase in parking concerns across the globe, the growth in demand for Internet of Things (IoT) based technology, and the increase in vehicle adoption.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Automotive Market: In developing countries like India, Russia, and Brazil, weak cloud infrastructure and connectivity issues can halt market growth. Among the cloud-based services for the automotive market, other services such as shared mobility and in-car data services are expected to grow at the fastest rate.

Automotive Wheels Aftermarket: Due to the rapid proliferation of hybrid electric automobile models, unique wheels are becoming increasingly popular. For retailers to maintain a loyal customer base, they must maintain a sufficient stock of wheels. Wheels aftermarket growth will be driven by technological advancements and an increase in R&D investments by manufacturers and associations.

Automotive Test Equipment Market: In the automotive test equipment market, growth in the adoption of autonomous vehicles and rising environmental concerns are the significant factors affecting the market’s growth. Additionally, the market for automotive test equipment is expected to grow as vehicles and technological advances become more prevalent.

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