If you are somewhat of a self-described dab hand at everything related to DIY at home, and basically feel as if you missed your true professional calling, then you will undoubtedly always be on the lookout for the latest innovative tools.

With this in mind here, for your information, are the top five tools for the professional DIYer for 2022, ready for your next home project.

1.   Compact Drill

It is almost sad to think about keen DIY enthusiasts who were happily fixing a myriad of different issues in their home without the utter convenience, ease, efficiency, and power of a cordless compact drill. Not to mention the fact that such a drill can get into the corners of the room because it is entirely portable.

A compact drill is an essential component of any toolbox—and an even more important element if the compact drill you invest in comes with an adjustable LED work light on the top of the handle.

2.   Curved Claw Hammer

You may not be aware until now, but there are actually 22 different types of hammers currently available in the United States, and it is certainly true to say that investing in more than one type of quality hammer will stand you in good stead.

However, the curved claw hammer is by far the most important style—just make sure that the one you end up purchasing is formed with one piece of steel as this greatly enhances both the power and the durability of the hammer.

3.   Plastic Welding Kit

There are plenty of ways to successfully mold two pieces of plastic together, but by far the easiest way is to invest in a quality plastic welding kit from a reputable and renowned supplier; so you can rest assured that the products and tools you are using are of the highest standard.

Such a kit, as long as it is kept clean and dry, is certainly an investment as it will last for many, many years and through a wide range of DIY projects.

4.   Stud Finder

No matter what you are hanging and where you are hanging it (either in the backyard or garden or inside your property), the task is made significantly easier and substantially faster by using a stud finder.

Not only can you use your stud finder to ensure the item you are hanging is level and locked in place, but you can also use this tool to detect metal objects within the walls or floors, plastic pipes for plumbing, rebar in concrete, and even live AC wiring.

5.   Adjustable Wrench

One of the most time-saving pieces of equipment you could possibly have in your home toolbox is somewhat of a humbler tool, and is that of the simple adjustable wrench.

Combination wrenches, due to their fixed jaw design, are not able to tackle anywhere near as many different jobs as their adjustable counterparts, and as long as you always remember to only ever apply pressure to the broad edge of the wrench, it will last you a lifetime.

By Manali