Gaining organic Instagram growth takes time to build. The popular image sharing platform has gained a lot of popularity as a base as one of the best social media marketing platforms. Right now, Instagram has one of the most post engagement rates and the number of active users is increasing day by day. So, as the Instagram community grows, you get a chance to highlight your brand and engage in digital marketing via some great Instagram growth hacks.

  • Create a Post Strategy

The best social media hacks lie in the number and quality of posts. Instagram allows you to post using various tools that can help you reach the maximum number of views and target audience. Creating a post strategy will help you plan out the number and type of post to continue engagements. The strategy should include various styles of posts including images, infographic videos, Reels, and Stories. However, you shouldn’t post everything in one go. Rather plan a week in advance and post one or two creatives a day at different times.

  • Posts Should Be Accompanied by Captions

Each post should have an attractive title or caption that grabs the attention of the viewers. The caption should be short but relative and complement the post. You can also use hashtags that can help you reach a wider audience. While you do not need to post captions with Instagram Stories, you can add interactive stickers for post engagements. Similarly, since an Instagram story is live for 24 hours, you can share your recently posted image, video or Reel to help your followers know that you have shared new content on your Instagram handle.

  • Use Instagram Ads

Like mentioned above organic Instagram growth can be tough, using the Facebook-owned company’s advertising algorithm you can reach maximum target audience. Ads are a fantastic Instagram growth tip and you can sponsor a standard post or a story. Moreover, with ads, you can accomplish a higher number of followers rather quickly and create a good brand awareness program by reaching a larger audience.

With these Instagram growth hacks you can turn around your brand’s image and reap in the profits by increasing your business. Apart from following the above mentioned Instagram growth tips, you can also run a giveaway campaign. A contest is the best way to increase organic Instagram growth.

So, create your Instagram account and start building your brand.

By Manali

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