Social media analytics will help you understand the unique personality of your social media followers. You’ll learn what your audience thinks, what they care about, and even whether they’re happy or angry. The information can target engagement with geographically relevant campaigns and match predicted marketing trends. Show them what they want and boost your social reach.

Most Powerful Features of Social Media Analytics

1. Geographical Targeting

You can track which countries, states, or cities your followers are from. It is useful to give you a sense of where you should focus your marketing efforts and how far-reaching your message is.

2. Audience Demographics

You can see your audience’s age, gender, and education levels. Put this information to use in targeted social media marketing by adapting messaging to target your audience.

3. Reach

Your reach on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks is significant as closely tied with engagement. The information can create balanced advertising campaigns to avoid annoying your followers with too many messages.

4. Engagement

You’ll be able to see the amount of time, engagement, and reactions from your social media followings, such as likes and shares. It will help you gauge the success of your message and how much it is affecting your audience.

5. Happiness

How happy are your followers on Twitter? It can be in use to help determine whether you will get more reach or if it is worth it for you to continue using a platform that does not engage with your followers.

6. Marketing Trends

Social media trends will be made available to you through tracking the conversations that people have. This information can predict how to spend your marketing budget.

7. Social Listening

You can track keywords and hashtags on social networks and online forums, and blogs. This information can learn what your audience is talking about and determine where you should direct your efforts for better reach.

8. Customer Service

You can use this information to learn what needs improvement with your products and services.

9. Competitive Analysis

This is where you look at the brands your followers connect with and then compare them to your brand. The most important thing to remember here is that as much as you may want to follow everyone on your networks, it is better to target specific followers instead of everyone so that you don’t spread yourself too thin and lose focus on your followers.

10. Privacy

You will be able to see how many people are following you, what they’re saying, and whether or not they have opted-in to sharing information with you. It is important because some people may not want their information shared, and that is fine; but if they have permitted you, then you can use that information to target your ads.

Netbasequid Services

The NetbaseQuid website is a social media management tool that allows you to monitor, analyze and promote social networks across multiple platforms. The NetbaseQuid SEO system will enable you to optimize your website for high search engine rankings for the keywords that your customers want most. The NetbaseQuid analytics system will allow you to pinpoint your social audience, measure their responses, and track your followers’ loyalty. NetbaseQuid provides you with detailed reports on how to boost your reach, manage brand reputation and make effective marketing decisions.

Netbasequid Possible Ways They Could Help Reach Business Goals

NetbaseQuid offers a free five-day trial that allows you to try their social media analytics and other features before you sign up for their paid services. They also offer to consult services to help define the goals of your social media campaigns.

How Companies Can Utilize Social Media Analytics to Develop Marketing Campaigns or Make Marketing Decisions

Companies can use social media analytics to determine which marketing tactics are working and what more they could do to increase their reach. It will help them decide on advertising strategies, time spent, and the best channels for their audience’s attention. Companies can use slivers of social data to figure out which products are better received, who is most loyal, and how long it takes for a customer to respond to your message. With the help of social media data, companies should understand how people feel about their current product or service.


Understanding how to read the data is critical. It requires practice, study, and real-life application. NetbaseQuid comes in to help anyone who works with social media analytics understand how to make sense of it all.

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