Influencer Marketing in India might have grabbed attention in the past few years, which recently changed the business’s global trends. On global marketing strategies, influencers are rolling high in various domains for different brands and niches. Thus helping in generating leads and increased sales.

If you have any influencer marketing plans, you must know certain best examples of popular brands before investing your time and money in this. ,Best Influencer Marketing Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more are not a fancy approach but a smart one.

Here in the blog, we will be talking about some brands using influencer marketing and got amazing results.

The Brands Nailed Influencer Marketing

The Incredible Brands Using Influencer Marketing And Got Profitable Results:

1. Bach Flower Remedies: The company collaborated with few famous influencer marketers and bloggers like A Girl Named PJ and A Clothes Horse. They published posts on a popular brand range of natural products, which impacted brand awareness online. Moreover, even offered coupon options that encouraged every follower of influencer to try out their products and impacted brand followers in increased number.

2. Lynda: Among online learning portals, Lynda gained popularity with influencer marketing, which Amazon acquired in 2015. In fact, even partner with YouTube influencer Rooster Teeth and The Fine Brothers to promote their eLearning business. Many subscribers of the YouTuber enroll and reach for Lynda. Even Jack Douglass created content from Lynda into his regular videos, and those got millions of viewers. Lynda even gained popularity from The Fine Brothers sponsored videos that generated over 25 million views.

3. Sprint: Popular brands like Sprint use Influencer Marketing in India recently but even had a global record. This excellent telecommunication company introduced a marketing campaign as #LiveUnlimited, which was collaborated with Lele Pons, Bradley Martyn, and other popular social media influencers with massive followers. In fact, Sprint created a video ad with five perfect influencers and got views over 200k on YouTube over 7.4 million views. Basically, a cross-cultural promotion made Sprint more popular as it developed with Latin and American elements.

4. Bigelow Tea: The brand is known for its tea range, thus introducing an influencer marketing campaign in collaboration with popular social media influencers like Ashley Thurman and Cherished Bliss. The blogger’s campaign to almost 32,000 engagements and boosts sales up to 18.5% than other media.

5. Audible: Amazon uses influencer marketing for its many brand products, including Audible, a famous audiobook lover. They collaborated with various influencers on YouTube to promote this. The brand even collaborated with influencers in other niches like gaming, style, and entertainment, thus engaging more than 83 million. Many influencers like Grace Helbig too it on the count with creative video sponsorship to use and download Audible.

The Other Popular Brands Using Influencer Marketing Using The Best Influencer Marketing Platforms:

1. Bonobos.

2. Blue Apron.

3. SmarTrike.

4. Adidas.

The Bottom Line:

The popularity of Influencer Marketing in India and other regions of the world is on the next level for brands. In fact, businesses today are trying hands in collaborating with influencers on the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. However, finding the right influencer or marketer is the biggest challenge when social media is loaded with many.

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