Some Important Parts to Consider Before Building a Gamer PC

Every functional computer is made up of the same basic components; here look at some of the components you need to build a computer. We will not go into too much detail in this article visit our site PC for this purpose, but we will only introduce the components of the computer and which are the most important in terms of the type of computer you want.


The motherboard is used to connect all the components of a computer to each other and is the platform on which a computer builds. It has a number of features that you need to know and keep in mind when buying one, such as the number of USB ports or the existing slots for various cards that you may want to install (Video card, sound card, and Wi-Fi card, etc.). The motherboard also determines the size of the computer’s central unit because it only fits on certain enclosures. The type of computer you build, its performance, depends on the motherboard you choose.

Processor (CPU):-

The processor is the “brain” of the computer, the component that executes the instructions necessary to perform the tasks given by the user. A better processor can execute several instructions at once and execute them faster. Not everyone uses the advantage of a high-performance processor, so the latest processor models are only needed if you use resource-intensive programs. The processor, according to its importance, is one of the most expensive components of the computer.

Hard Disk:-

The role of hard disk is storing information on your computer, whether it is operating system files or text, music, or movie files. If RAM is short-term memory, the hard disk is long-term, non-volatile memory. These store information that you may want to keep for a longer period of time, such as music album or family photos. The type of hard drive you choose affects both the amount of data you can store and the speed with which it will be accessed.

Power Supply Unit:-

The power supply distributes the power needed to the computer components. The higher the performance of your computer, the more powerful your power supply will be. The power supply is probably the last component you need to buy, once you’ve determined the other components you need and how much power you need to power your PC as a whole.

Computer Case:-

The purpose of the computer case is to “encapsulate” all the components of the computer. In general, the case has less to do with the type of computer you want than the impression it gives you; for example, how noisy it is, how big it is, or how it matches the furniture in the room where it will be placed.

Among the PC cases, the most popular are four types of models: Midi-Tower, Full Tower, Mini-Tower and Slim Desktop. Of course, the more compact the device, the less space it has for installation of discrete graphics cards, drives and case fans.

By Manali