Instagram registers a billion users every month and this makes Instagram one of the most popular social platforms. This presets brands and marketers with a massive opportunity to tap into the user pool. However growing and building your Instagram uses is not always easy, and it does not take place overnight. It’s a time-consuming process that may require you to use professional help along the way. Although you can grow the number of your users organically, you can also buy Instagram followers and add more users to your list of followers fast. The followers that you get are not only real but also those who are relevant to your brand.

Here are some of the ways that you can use to grow your followers organically.

1. Use hashtags

Your main objective is to engage your audience while also adding more followers on Instagram.  If you post highly engaging posting, you will be able to satisfy the first requirement, but with time, you will also find the use of hashtags to be necessary. With the right hashtags, people who are looking for your photos will find it easier to locate them. If you use hashtags inside your photos and content, you can boost your chances of reaching more users. Remember that using hashtags is different from incorporating the right hashtags in your content.

2. Use the right filters

Certain photos filters are relied mostly on by the Instagram community, so ensure the best filters are used in your content. There are up to 10 filters that you can choose from.

3. Post at the right times

Timing your posts can help you add to your number of followers. The weekends mostly are the best time to post your content and increase engagement.

4. Post quality content and product review

This is among the best organic method that you can use to increase your Instagram followers organically.

5. Use retags 

You can help increase the ability of your audience to discover you by using retags.

6. Post your stories as highlights

After someone lands on your profile, you will have a few seconds to convince them to join you and add to the number of followers. So you should organize and highlight your stories to offer clarity about what you offer.

7. Hop on trends

Look at the trends at the time and hop on them. This helps to ensure that you improve engagement and discoverability.

8.  Run a giveaway program

You can organize a giveaway program where people who follow you get something that is valuable. You can create a valuable eBook, which is of great value, and this will make more followers tag their friends.

9. Upload user-generated content

These are the type of content that you curate from followers or fans, and it’s a powerful marketing arsenal when adding Instagram followers the organic way.

10. Get Local

Local retagging and local hashtags works wonders when you are trying to add the number of those who follow you on Instagram. Ensure that every post that you share via Instagram is retagged.

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