You might be a little unclear about residential conveyancing if you’ve not bought or sold a property before. If you are wondering whether conveyancers are qualified with a course or are certified lawyers, we will help you understand the concept of conveyancing, how it works, and what they do.

Knowing all this will help you have a great experience with your property transaction. You will have to choose house conveyancing services when you want to buy or sell a property. A conveyancing solicitor is a licensed professional who is aware of the real estate laws of your state or territory. They prepare documentation, provide professional advice, and all the necessary information to help you easily navigate through the settlement process.

Conveyancing refers to the law that governs buying, selling, transferral and ownership of property. A conveyancing solicitor is a professional who understands the laws surrounding property sales in your state or territory.

They are certified professionals who will act on your behalf when you are buying, selling, transferring, or subdividing your property. Most states recommend you hire a conveyancing solicitor as early as possible to experience a smooth settlement.

In New South Wales, Tasmania, and Victoria, it is required to hire a conveyancing solicitor before you put a property on the market. In Western Australia and Queensland, you will have to choose house conveyancing services when you accept an offer.

What Can Conveyancers Do for You?

Buying, selling, transferring, or subdividing a property is a major transaction. Unless you have a thorough understanding of the procedures and terminologies involved in the transaction, you will need a conveyancer. It will make a lot of sense to hire a certified professional if you compare the money saved versus what could potentially go wrong.

Residential conveyancing services will save you a lot of time by coordinating and arranging all the documents necessary to complete your real estate transaction successfully. Each state or territory will have different requirements and a conveyancer will help you to effectively deal with any unexpected issues that might arise at the last moment.

Below is a gist of what they do, though you might need a conveyancer to help you with other aspects of the purchase or sale of the property:

  • They prepare all the relevant documentation and clarify any doubts that you might have.
  • They review purchase or sale contracts.
  • They thoroughly research the property and all the documents associated with it.
  • They liaise with your financial provider or the bank
  • They check for easements and other necessary information
  • They put your deposit amount into a trust account
  • They prepare all the necessary documents and ensure that they are ready on time
  • They liaise with conveyancing solicitors and lawyers on the other side of the transaction
  • They represent your interests with the vendor or real estate agent
  • They calculate rates and taxes
  • They attend the property settlement with you or on your behalf
  • They make sure that the property settlement process is smooth

When Do You Have to Hire a Conveyancing Solicitor in Brisbane?

You can hire a conveyancer whenever you want, but it is recommended to hire them before you begin the buying or selling process. Finding a solicitor for buying a house will help you find out things about the property that you were not previously aware of. As a buyer, you will have to know about the easements and other related things. You might be legally liable for oversight if these things are not revealed ahead of time.

As they are familiar with the laws of purchase, sale, and transfer of property, they will thoroughly review the sale or purchase contract. They understand the requirements of various types of property transactions and will provide you with professional advice on the drawbacks or benefits of the transaction. In short, you need to hire a conveyance solicitor for buying or selling a property in Brisbane.

In Brisbane, solicitors handle conveyancing transactions. Some solicitors specialise in conveyancing while others handle it as a part of their practice. The Brisbane government recommends you get professional help even if you want to do the conveyancing by yourself. As in other states, you will be held responsible for the mistakes that you make.

In Queensland, you can appoint a conveyancer when you decide to accept an offer. Finding a conveyancer for buying a house will help you avoid mistakes.

Tips To Choose the Best Solicitor

Real estate laws are complex, and sometimes, the cost of making a mistake will be more than the cost of hiring a conveyancer. Solicitor fees for buying a house will depend on the complexity of the project and the number of searches that they must make. Conveyancer fees will vary from one project to another. They will have a set of charges for searches and other services.

Ask for the list of fees and determine the services that you need. When you have to find a solicitor, don’t just rely on the information present on their website. Rather than choosing the least expensive solicitor, go for one with a good reputation as they will have years of experience and knowledge regarding the various requirements of property transactions. Consider the following before finalising the conveyancer.

  • Their fee structures
  • Their licence to work in your state or territory
  • Whether they are solicitors in Queensland or the ACT
  • If they can provide you with quality references

A good solicitor can do much more than just go over the sale or purchase contract. From calculating unpaid land tax owing on the property to researching government records for future planned developments, they cover numerous aspects that will greatly help you in the long run. Choosing the right conveyancer will help you in avoiding pitfalls associated with buying and selling properties.

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By Manali