The enormous pace of life, the pursuit of an appropriate social status, and constantly growing demands make people sometimes unable to withstand the pressure. The feeling of helplessness then leads to various kinds of addictions, which become harmful not only for the addict himself, but also for his relationship. Does the relationship with an addict survive?

If someone could find a foolproof way to live a hassle-free and happy life, the whole world would surely gild him. Unfortunately, every person (and every relationship) encounters difficulties that he has to face. One of them is addiction …

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Addiction for some people is a way of dealing with crises. The state of freedom, which initially creates an addiction for a man who experiences emptiness, suffering, and no sense of purpose, is a kind of liberation. It is in him that he finds an illusory peace that allows him to distract himself from depressing thoughts.

Biological factors of addiction

Sometimes people have congenital or acquired endorphin deficiencies, making the person more susceptible to addiction. Some studies also show that alcohol abuse often occurs in the sons of addicted fathers, hence it can be assumed that certain properties of the organism related to alcohol metabolism are inherited.

Addictions are not only a problem for the addicted person, but usually also for their entire environment. When addiction emerges in a family or relationship, it often becomes the focus of attention and concern.

Relationship with an addict – Support is important

Of course, it’s not that the relationship with an addict is completely written off. It is possible to save a relationship as long as you can seek help from specialists, establish clear and healthy boundaries with the addict, and change the nature of the relationship when it has debilitating consequences.

Or it could be that both of you have fallen into the trap of addiction and the fact that you are together is making the recovery process difficult without professional guidance and is also affecting the relationship. If that’s the case, you can choose a treatment center that offers programs for couples and go through the treatment process together. If you are hesitating because you are worried about your pets, you can choose a couples rehab that’s also pet-friendly. The point ultimately is to stick together with love to make things work by any chance if possible.

It very often happens that it is the support of a loving person that is the key factor in changing the addict’s behavior. Honesty, care and love can become the driving force behind the fight against addiction.

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First of all, remember to seek help at the right time and know when to let go for your own health.

Certainly, persuading an addicted person to take up their addiction is not easy. First of all, because very often he does not notice that something is wrong. He is convinced that he is in control of the situation and that others are only picking on and exaggerating the situation. Hence, attempts to help are often unsuccessful.

The problem is so difficult that, according to Polish regulations, it is impossible to force an addicted person to treatment. With the exception of exceptions where she was incapacitated or treatment was ordered by a court.

However, you cannot give up, because the sooner you react, the more we will reduce the negative consequences of addiction.

By Manali