The love for jewelry among people has increased over the years. Similarly, the want to dress up and style outfits has also immersed. It has become one of the essential parts of an outfit. No outfit is considered complete without it. Properly picked jewelry brings an entire outfit together. It complements not only the color but also the style. If not chosen correctly, you can easily ruin a beautiful look.

Many different accessories like bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings are used to enhance outfits. However, out of all these jewelry items, necklaces are the most popular and most selling item right now. Among these Diamond Necklaces are the ones that still resign supreme. 

Diamonds are pieces of eternal beauty when embedded in necklaces, enhancing their overall beauty by a hundred folds. It makes the necklace versatile and exceptionally gorgeous, making you fall in love with it.

In case you are confused about how to choose the perfect Diamond Necklace. We are here to guide you in detail about them. 

What are Diamond Necklaces?

Diamond Necklaces come with a central diamond attached to a jewelry chain made by a chain of precious metal. It is attached to the chain by a small hoop. The chain is usually made up of gold or platinum. It is used as a medium to express beauty. It is a jewelry designer’s most expensive canvas, most commonly referred to as the “emperor of gems.”

How to choose a Diamond Necklace correctly?

While buying a Diamond Necklace, three things are to keep in mind: diamond quality, necklace style, and necklace length and face type. Following are some of the ways you can follow to buy yourself the perfect and most beautiful Diamond Necklace.

1. Diamond Quality: 

The first thing one should look into while buying diamond jewelry is to check the diamond’s quality. One should purchase jewelry from accredited professionals when it comes to diamonds. It is recommended to only go for excellent and ideal cuts diamonds. For example, ItsHot is considered as one of the leading diamond jewelers. 

If you want to check whether the diamond is real or not, you can use a magnifying glass. Look for imperfections in the stone. If you cannot find any, the diamond is most likely to be fake. The majority of real diamonds have imperfections which are referred to as inclusions.

2. Diamond Cut:

Diamond-Cut is considered as the most critical factor when buying diamond necklaces. It determines the look and the overall feel of the necklace. One can select their cuts from numerous colors, like emerald, cushion, heart, oval, princess, radiant, etc.

Diamond shapes have their own skill levels for cutting them and properties that affect the appearance of diamond jewelry. Cushion shaped diamond is the world’s most famous diamond used for diamond rings and other jewelry. It is one of the latest unique trends right now. Most people like calling cushion cuts “the new old classic.” It gives a luxurious appearance with a modern look. 

3. Necklace Type:

The type of chain you select for your necklace plays an essential role in the overall grace of your necklace. You can use a gold chain with Diamond Necklace. It is said that diamonds look best with gold. Gold is durable and beautiful. It increases the brilliance of your necklace. Buying an intricate gold necklace with diamonds studded in it makes the jewelry last for a lifetime. A plus point is gold is not as expensive as compared to platinum.

You can choose a cable chain with your diamond pendant. It is strong, elegant, and versatile—one of the main reasons people choose cable chains with their diamond necklaces.

4. Color:

One should check the color of the diamond before buying any diamond accessory. Choose a diamond that appears white. Different shapes of diamonds reflect the color at different strengths. Your choice of optimal color will depend upon the shape you choose. 

5. Carat Weight:

It would be best to look for diamonds under the famous carats weight like ½ ct, ¾ ct, 1ct, etc. The most popular carat weights for engagement diamonds lie between one and two carats. As the carat weight increases, the price of the overall necklace will also increase. 

Carat weight primarily impacts how large the diamond on your Diamond Necklace will appear. 

6. Compare Similar Diamonds:

Once you have decided on which diamond to buy, you can make some comparisons with similar stones. It will help you decide which one to buy. You can check how brilliant the diamond is compared to the stone and if it is clean. Furthermore, you can make a price comparison as well. Other characteristics can also be compared to make it a healthy purchase. 

7. Verification:

Many labs evaluate and grade diamonds. These labs are referred to as grading entities. These organizations identify the diamond’s exact cut quality, clarity, and color grades. Every lab has a different level of strictness while checking the diamond’s quality. The extremely strict ones are more reliable than those with questionable standards.

You can consider buying the GIA Certified Diamonds or AGS Certified Diamonds. These are the most reliable grading entities that help you ensure that you get the best quality. 

Prevent diamonds that have grading reports from IGI, EGL, and HRD. It is found that their results are not reliable due to inconsistent diamond grading. 

Best place to get Diamond Necklaces:

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By Manali