Using a paid proxy server will ensure that your personal information is protected from falling into the wrong hands. This allows you to protect the identity of your IP from being passed to the server. A proxy can be either website, a program, or software.

How A Proxy Protects You

Anytime you visit a website there is a chance that your computer could be subjected to unwanted snooping through spyware or cookies that have been embedded into your computer. Without you knowing it, these cookies or spyware are continuously passing information to unscrupulous scammers and hackers. They are able to watch all activity on your computer and may steal your personal information. This could lead to financial or personal embarrassments. A proxy can assure your anonymity, allowing you to surf freely, knowing your data is protected and will never fall into the wrong hands. When you successfully hide your IP, you can browse incognito.

Different Forms of Proxies

The first type of proxy you can download and install a computer program that will seamlessly connect you to the port of a different computer The next type that can be used is a web-based proxy. You visit the site of the proxy server and bypass any direct connection when you use their proxy. This allows you to browse the Internet freely without being bothered by ads, cookies or hidden scripts, but web-based proxies have some drawbacks. A web-based proxy is able to detect your browsing history and may block access to websites you may have visited. Additionally, privacy is not guaranteed because secure pages are able to recognize a proxy server and block access.

Open Proxies – Beware!

Another type of proxy server is open proxy and is available to the general public. This option won’t allow you to bypass any type of network security. There are many workplaces that don’t allow for the browser settings to be changed. This option is not safe and is usually used for various types of illegal activity. Internet activity is easy to track through this proxy. In fact, government officials and federal authorities often use this proxy to detect illegal activities. Make sure the proxy server you use requires both a user name and password so you can be sure you’re not using an open proxy. Proxy servers have many uses and you will get the best protection with a paid proxy server. You will be confident that your privacy will never be compromised and your activities won’t be watched. You can rest assured, knowing that your data, privacy, and identity is protected.

By Manali